Vacation season is here! If you and your family have travel plans for this summer, don't forget to plan for your home too. We've got some quick tips on how to prepare your home before you leave for vacation.

1. Clean your kitchen.

Make sure to remove all perishable foods from your fridge before you leave for a trip. Take out the trash and pour 1/2 cup of vinegar down the garbage disposal to keep your kitchen clean.

2. Set up insect repellents.

While you're away unwanted pests may try to settle into your home. Spray down windows, doors, and floors to keep pests out!

3. Ward off burglars.

An empty home may look inviting to burglars. Set a timer on one of your lights to turn on at night even while you're away. Place a hold on your newspaper delivery so papers don't stack up on your doorstep. In fact, get a friend to drive by your house every few days to pick up your mail. Don't forget to contact your security company to let them know you'll be away and provide them with an emergency contact if you're going out of the country.

4. Secure your pipes.

Coming home from a vacation to discover leaks or water damage can quickly dampen your summer high. Shut off your water valves to prevent leaks. Don't forget to also set your heater to Vacation Mode to save money too. And add a little chlorine to your toilet bowl to prevent a rings and discoloration while you're away.

5. Save energy.

Turn your AC up to what you expect the average temperature to be while you're out (this will conserve your plants and keep your pets comfortable too). Unplug small electronic items to save energy and money--- unplugging toasters, lamps, and consoles all make a difference!

Did I miss anything? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below! Need something to keep you cool while you work on your home? We have just the invisible cooling vest for you!