by Crystal Mendoza Paulin

If you, like me, have a number of holiday parties to attend and no time to do some serious shopping, then you may have to "recycle" some looks this year. If you would rather skip the party and stay home than repeat a look don't cancel your party plans just yet!

That little black dress (LBD) in your closet has the potential to become anything you want it to be! Here are three ways to wear your LBD for the holidays! Also, to make things even more exciting, I'm wearing the UnderCool cooling vest underneath all of the styles. I don't know about you, but I'm always stuck between being too hot and too cold in the winter. Wearing a cooling vest to a party keeps me far more comfortable. No LBD is complete without a LBV (little black vest)!

Note: Can you wear black during the Holidays? Yes, absolutely! Black is always elegant--- and with the right accessories you can bring holiday cheer to any outfit.


1. LBV for A Friend's Holiday Party

If you think you can't wear a cooling vest with a skintight dress, think again! Show off your curves with a bodycon LBD. Sparkles and glitter are HUGE this season, so glam it up with sparkly accents in your shoes and bag.

2. LBV for a Family Holiday Party

It's good to be home! Relax and snuggle up with your coziest scarf for an effortless holiday look. Pull on your comfiest boots to complete the look!

3. LBV for a Corporate Holiday Party

Take your LBD to the next level with a showstopping piece. It's easy to think of the LBD as the protagonist, but here it takes a backseat. The cream and gold peacoat is front and center with the LBD in the background. And that's okay! 


I hope this gives you some ideas on how to style your LBD for the holidays. And remember, no LBD is complete without a LBV! Read more on the UnderCool here.