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It’s hard to swoon over June if you are living with heat sensitivity. Our goal at ThermApparel is to help bring balance between living a full life and living with a chronic illness. In celebration of the first day of summer the UnderCool Bundle is ON SALE, 15%, off for 3 days, Friday June 21 - Sunday June 23.

For us June is the month when the heat is on, and we are keeping our cool no matter how busy. In the last month ThermApparel has traveled to a world wide MS convention, CMSC, and was honored to participate in Addressing Unmet Needs in MS: An Innovation Challenge sponsored by Celgene and Lyfebulb for companies making a difference in the lives of people living with MS.

We also know that there are many people suffering from the effects of heat like myasthenia gravis, POTS, and syncope. In the Now I Can stories read about a POTS customer that got a sunburn for the first time in years. As always we live for your stories so don’t forget to send us a video. But most importantly please be safe and get out to enjoy summer. shop the sale!

Now I Can – cool stories from customers

“First sunburn in over two year. Brutal but beautiful weekend  ThermApparel thank you for the cooling vest!"  ~Heidi, Chronically Salty .
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How Do You Wear A Cooling Vest Like UnderCool?
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The Innovation Challenge

Last month ThermApparel was selected as a finalist for an Addressing Unmet Needs in MS: An Innovation Challenge. The event was sponsored by Celgene and Lyfebulb, (an awesome company whose mission is to reduce the burden of many chronic diseases through... read more

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We are in need of short cool videos from you about what UnderCool has done for you. Please send us... read more