Fall is here and it's an excellent time to reflect on and improve ourselves before the hustle and bustle of the winter Holiday season. So sit back, sip on some apple cider, and flex the most powerful muscle of all: your brain!

1. The Benefits of Goals

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Goals. They are scary things when they feel unachievable. Sometimes it seems easier to not have goals at all. After all, you can't fail a goal you never set. But goals are important and beneficial for your mental and physical well-being. Here's why you should have goals year round--- and not those half-hearted New Years goals either. Read more.


2. How to Actually Achieve Your Goals

Now that we've talked about the importance of having goals, we need to talk about creating good goals. A bad goal, one that is impossible to achieve or impossible to commit to, can quickly backfire--- making you feel even worse than before. A good goal, on the other hand, can build up your confidence and self-esteem in no time. Read more.


3. How To Do 10,000 Things At Once

Tired of never having time for yourself? Sick of always falling behind on things? Trust me, procrastination was my enemy for years until I learned to restructure my life. When you've got tons of things going on, it's easy to dismiss everything as impossible. You just don't have the time. But as you become more efficient at running your life you also gain more time to do more fun, exciting things! Read more.