We LOVE hearing from our customers how their ThermApparel Cooling Vest helps them with their daily lives and get's them back in the saddle to enjoys life's simple pleasures, no matter what the activity is. We are a small company (there are only 3 of us, Kurtis, Brad and Julia) so all the love and feedback (good and bad) that we receive helps us to improve the UnderCool and create new products. Thank you to everyone that has sent us love, shoutouts, feedback, suggestions, ideas, concerns. It helps us improve and help us to help you keep your cool. Keep them coming! We would love to hear from you too. Tell us what you think in the comments below, send us an email with your testimonial and feedback, chat with us on live chat or give us a call 855-232-7233. Thank you!! 

Dear Julia,  

I wanted to thank you for all your assistance getting my ThermApparel cooling vest! It is a life saver that keeps me able to attend my Therapeutic Horseback riding lessons in the summer. My class lasts an hour, so during summer we ride in the outside arena. Heat negatively affects my multiple sclerosis by making not only my legs weary, but can make my core ability weak as well, making me too weak to stay safely on the horse as he walks. The horse’s movement brings back my leg’s muscle memory thus helping me remain able to walk throughout the rest of the week.  

Before this cooling vest, I could only wear a cold scarf around my neck and ice packs on both wrists. These helped keep me cool but the cooling vest made all the difference!! I can even ride in the 80 degree heat for that hour. One cannot even tell I have anything under my shirt!

I would recommend a ThermApparel cooling vest for everyone with MS and anyone who is required to be out in the heat to ward off heat stroke. Or even just stay comfortable!!  It will open your world to be able to attend outside picnics, graduations, weddings, or just go for a nice walk.


Norton, Ohio

From our humble origins we have been striving to help people live active, comfortable, and safe lives. In a time like this we all need more help. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy.

Julia, Kurtis, Brad

ThermApparel empowers people to take back control of their lives. Our mission is to provide our customers with cooling products that embody dignity and comfort while safely mitigating their risk from heat. We utilize cutting-edge science that improves the quality of our customer's lives allowing them to be happier and healthier. It's our vision to get people back to life’s small pleasures like backyard BBQs, graduations, sports, and hobbies. All the things that make life great, because Now You Can.

ThermApparel is a small business making big waves in the heat sensitivity world by designing the first lightweight, comfortable, and invisible cooling vest, UnderCool. Check us out online, on our blog, or on FacebookTwitter, PinterestLinkedIn and Instagram.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or ideas in the comments below, we will follow up. You can always reach us via: Live Chat - www.thermapparel.com  |  Email - contact.us@thermapparel.com  | Phone - 855-232-7233 |  Address: ThermApparel LLC. 40 Franklin St. 4th Floor, Rochester, NY 14620.

It's not about feeling cold. It's about feeling good. 


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