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“Lowered core temps by a full 3 degrees.”

“Big thanks for the ThermApparel cooling vest! Lowered core temps by a FULL 3 degrees from the am race (no vest) to the afternoon race (with vest) and ten degrees warmer ambient. Couldn’t wait for the am race to be over. I could have gone double the laps in the afternoon with the vest. It works, period!” 


“I can continue to cycle and not be laughed at from fellow enthusiasts.”

“I began putting frozen water bottles in my jersey for long rides. This allowed me to ride hot southern days including humidity. Along comes my diagnosis of MS and the enemy of heat. Without my accidental (lots of ice in the back pockets) of my cooling jersey, I would have to give up riding. But, Thanks to your company’s cool vest, I can continue to cycle and not be laughed at from fellow enthusiasts. Discreet, effective and lightweight. Wahoo, thanks team! Now come up with cooling insert for my helmet!!!!”


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