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“It was easy to have on for so long.”

“It was easy to have on for so long.”“I spent 7 hrs. running errands on Sunday while wearing my ThermApparel vest. Not only did it remain cold for almost 4 hrs, it was unbelievably comfortable! As someone who lives with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis in my shoulders I deal with massive flare-ups and allodynia, it’s torture wearing certain garments. My ThermApparel cooling vest never once bothered me, which explains why it was easy to have it on for so long.”

JP Summers

"Never thought I would wear a cooling vest and like it.”

“Our house is well shaded and tends to stay cool in the earlier half of the day, but by 3 or 4 in the afternoon, it’s pretty toasty. I try and get house and yard work done in the mornings, but there is often more to do, and I have to wimp out. But putting the vest on in the afternoon to go out and weed the garden, paint the front door, or even try and tackle the infamous laundry pile really helps. I have been impressed with the vest and much to my surprise I have been using it on a regular basis!”

Meg Lewellyn

“UnderCool is 100% better than the bulky outer cooling vest I have been using!”

“I don’t have to remove the cooling packs to refreeze! I just roll up the whole vest, slim cooling packs and all, into a package about the size of a sandwich, and pop it into the freezer for a couple hours. It will even freeze the cooling packs solid in the refrigerator if there isn’t room in the freezer. I can get the vest on and off with no problems despite my MS affected hands, and it is incredibly light. I could wear the vest under my shirt and have it disappear completely, but I generally wear it over a t-shirt so that I can easily toss it into the freezer while I am at home. In every way, a great improvement in cooling technology!”


“The vest has allowed me to enjoy outdoor activities.”

“Many thanks to you for providing me with the UnderCool vest. I have been diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MS, as a result I have been advised to stay in temperatures below 75˚F. The vest has allowed me to enjoy outdoor activities that I otherwise would not have been able to attend. Most recent my grandsons high school graduation party. That day temps soared above 90˚F. As the party was in an outdoor shelter, I was very grateful for the cool vest! I was able to enjoy conversations with family & friends while remaining cool! Again, thank you so much, sincerely and with gratitude!”


“I can now enjoy working and playing in the heat.”

“I no longer have to suffer...I received a wonderful surprise today, my coworkers and customers/friends gifted me with my cooling vest I’ve been daydreaming about but not wanting to splurge on for myself. So thankful, I can now enjoy working and playing in the heat for much longer!” 


“Thank you for giving me part of my life back!”

“Now I can go to a party at the lakehouse, go to the ballgame, go to the biergarten, go on the foodie foot tour...and the list goes on. Thank you for giving me part of my life back!” 


“You've given me my Florida summers back!”

"Guys, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your cooling vest! I’m MS heat intolerant, so since my diagnosis in 2016, I hibernate in the summer. No more! Yesterday I wore the vest to Epcot on a 95°F day and I was perfectly comfortable. The vest is cool, cute (hey, I’m still a girl), lightweight and even gave me the added bonus of lumbar support during our 5 mile excursion of the park. I’m so grateful!"


“Much less obvious.”

“I like the fact that you can wear this under your clothing. Much less obvious.


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