Our Motivation

Over 75 million people in North America live with some form of heat sensitivity. This condition arises from a variety of factors: medical drug side effects, hormonal imbalances, traumatic brain injuries, and neurological disorders. Individuals living with heat sensitivity often choose to remain indoors during warmer weather for their personal safety. Thus many people are left out of important life events or even remain isolated from their friends and family for months at a time. Providing effective cooling relief for individuals with heat sensitivity is our mission and all we do!

Our Mission

ThermApparel's mission is confidence, comfort and freedom through cooling. We strive to provide people with cooling garments that embody dignity and comfort by improving the quality of their lives while eliminating barriers and allowing them to be happier and healthier. Our vision is to get people back to life's simple pleasures like backyard bbq's graduations, sports and hobbies. All the things that make life great. Simply put we give you your life back.


Questions about our vests or shipping? Reach out to the ThermApparel team toll-free at 855-232-7233, write to us through our website’s contact form or chat with us via live chat. We always respond because, otherwise, that wouldn't be cool.