New year, new goals! Ready to hit the gym? Not without these 6 essentials in your gym bag!



1. ThermApparel COOLING VESTS

Beat the heat with the latest in cooling apparel: the ThermApparel Cooling Vest. Use it for pre-workout cooling or during your workout to maintain a safe core body temp. Skip the post-workout fatigue and exhaustion by using it as a recovery device. 

The ThermApparel Cooling Vest will keep you cool and comfortable for up to 3 hours. Best of all, you can wear it under your normal workout gear and no one will be able to tell the difference.

These cooling packs can refreeze 4 different ways;
30 min - Ice Water
45 min - Freezer
60 min - Fridge
8-12 hours: in a room under 70F / 21C


These 3.5 x3.5 cooling packs are small enough to put in a pocket or sports bra. Bringing immediate cooling relief and less boob sweat!

These cooling packs can refreeze 4 different ways;
15 min - Ice Water
30 min - Freezer
45 min - Fridge
8-12 hours: in a room under 70F / 21C


The most important part of any workout is to stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to a decrease in physical activity performance and may adversely affect your health.

It is important to drink water before, during, and after exercise. The exact amounts of water needed will vary based on gender, exercise environment, type of exercise, the intensity of exercise, etc. Here is a general exercise hydration guideline;

Before: 17-20 oz. of water at least 2 hours prior to exercise.
During: 7-10 oz. of water for every 10-20 minutes of exercise.  
After: 16-24 oz. of water for each pound lost due to sweating.


Feeling the burn yet? If you start to feel too hot during your workout, run a Cooling Towel under cold water and pat down your face and neck with it. The face and neck are some of the most temperature-sensitive areas, so if you cool them down you'll feel cooler.

Cooling Towel material is highly absorbent, (like a sponge) and can absorb up to 8 times its weight in water. Once wet, the towels produce a cooling effect with the help of simple evaporation. As long as the towel is wet, exposed to the air, and allowed to "breathe" the water will evaporate keeping you cool. 


Keep cool and comfortable by pulling your hair away from your face and off your neck. 

There's no right or wrong way to do this: high or low ponytail, messy or controlled bun, hair ties, or headband.

Experiment with different styles until you find the one that works best for you and your workout.


Look for clothing with synthetic fabrics specifically designed for exercise.
Poly-Dri: Any type of workout, no matter the weather.
Bamboo Fiber: All workout or weather conditions.
Nylon: All workouts or weather conditions.
Merino Wool: During outdoor, cool weather workouts

Transcription of Video:

"Hi everybody, Julia from ThermApparel. I'm here to show you some gym bag essentials to help you keep cool during your workout.

First thing you want to make sure you have is a ThermApparel Undercool cooling vest. These things are amazing. They have four cooling packs in the back to help keep you cool and won't burn your skin, or sweat, or get you wet. Now the best thing is, once you put it on, it immediately starts cooling you. So you can actually use it for pre cooling, you can use it for cooling during your workout, or, you can skip the fatigue that you get after your workout and use it for post recovery. I know that if I don't wear my cooling vest while I'm working out, I am so exhausted when I am finished that my exhaustion will last for the rest of the day sometimes even last into the next day. But if I wear my cooling vest while I'm working out, or if I put it on immediately after marking out, it helps reduce that amount of fatigue.

The next thing you want is hair accessories. Doesn't matter what kind, whatever works for you and your hair. Just get that hair up messy bun ponytail, pigtails, whatever works, you just want to get your hair up off of your neck. Because the hair traps the heat in and so if your hairs up, you can get air under your neck and that will help keep you cool too.

The next thing we suggest is our GrabandGo cooling packs. Now these are three and a half by three and a half. And they refreeze in ice water in about 15 minutes in the fridge or the freezer in about 30-40 minutes and they're really great. You can put them into your pocket, like I put one into my pocket on my yoga pants, so I get some cooling there. You can also put them on your neck, on your wrists, anywhere that you need immediate cooling. But they also work really well in your sports bra and they help eliminate a lot of boobs sweat. The next thing you want is breathable workout gear. So poly dry nylon, bamboo fibers, or even merino wool work really good to help you breathe, your skin breathe, and the sweat evaporate off of you. And then the unique thing is also with our vest... ha ha I put that on totally wrong. Oh my god. But, once you get in on and get yourself situated, the vest pretty much disappears. No one will know that you're wearing a cooling vest while you're working out. And the cooling packs right here on your lower back and then just keep your body, your core temperature in the safe zone.

So next thing you want is a cooling towel. Cooling towels are an absorbent material, kind of like shammi, they'll absorb up to about eight times the amount of water. Now when they dry they're stiff as a board. But all you do is just run them under the water in the sink, in the locker room, wring it out really well so it's not sopping wet, and then you can just wear it around your neck, wear it around your wrist, wherever you need the cooling. It works really well up right around here. Wherever the cooling towel can get to the air, it'll start to evaporate and I'll help cool you down. So you can use it to cool your face down, you can use it to cool your neck, you can even just sort of tuck it in like if you're on the spin bike or something and just keep it right there.

The last thing you want is water. Doesn't matter what kind of water what kind of water bottle. I prefer one that has the ounces on it so I can kind of keep track during the day. I know how much I've drank. But just keep water with you. It can be a bottle of water that you pick up at the store on the way, it can be fancy or artisnal water, it can be tap water from the gym. It doesn't matter just have water with you. You want to drink water prior to your workout, you want to drink water during your workout, and you want to make sure that you hydrate and drink a lot of water after your workout. So with these couple of essential items in your gym bag, you should be safe and set to have a really cool workout."



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