Cooling Vests for your best Adventure


A man and woman wearing UnderCool 3 lightweight concealable PCM Cooling Vest

UnderCool 3

Unparalleled Comfort and Concealable Cooling 

shop from $199.99

Folded RallyWrap Cooling Wrap with PCM Cooling Pack coming out of one pocket


Long-Lasting, Easy-to-Use Cooling Wrap.   

shop from $249.99

UltraCool CoolingVest showing 8 included PCM Cooling Packs


Maximum Cooling on the front and back.

shop from $319.99

Cooling Boosts that are perfect for short term cooling


A Forearm holding a pickleball paddle and wearing a PCM powered CoolSleeve

CoolSleeve Pair

Add to your cooling arsenal with a pair of PCM powered forearm sleeves.

shop $79.99

Patent Pending PCM powered Cooling Headband lying flat


Don't be a hot head. Try our cooling headband powered by new patent pending cooling packs.

shop $59.99

Grab N Go PCM Cooling Pack

Grab N Go

Try these little ones for short-term, easy to use cooling. Great for Hot Flashes or a warm office.

shop from $10

Accessories to enjoy more fun in the sun


Black UnderCool 3 Cooling Vest lying Flat

Extra Garments

Need another vest on washdays or yours has worn out over time?


4 PCM Cooling Packs lying flat

Extra Packs

Keep enjoying the sun for longer with an extra set of packs.


White Mesh Washbag for washing ThermApparel products


Keep your Cooling Vest in tip-top shape during washing.

shop $7.99

A Black and White Mesh and Velcro extender panel for people in between sizes.


In between sizes? Get an extender panel!

shop $15

4 PCM Cooling Packs and a recycling logo

Recycling Program

Return your old cooling packs to us for a big discount on new packs!

shop from $69.99

Blue Tee Shirt with ThermApparel Logo

Tee Shirt

rep your favorite cooling brand

shop $19.99

Tape Measure, Fit Kit and Gift Card present

Gift Cards

Don't know what size to get those your care about? Get them a gift card!

shop from $25.99

Clearance save on old and lightly used models



Black and White UnderCool Garments with Rough Black edges illustrating lightly used products

Like New

great deals on worn once product

shop from $50

Women in White UnderCool 2 Cooling Vest

UnderCool 2

Only XXS, XL, XXL sizes left

shop from $149.99



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