How Do You Wear A Cooling Vest Like UnderCool?

ThermApparel's UnderCool Cooling Vest is designed with discretion in mind with its low profile design and skin-safe Cooling Packs. UnderCool is meant to be worn under your clothing safely next to your skin

UnderCool is easy to wear. First make sure the packs are charged and ready to go, if not fold the vest and place it in the freezer for 40 min, fridge for 60 min or pull the cooling packs out of the vest and lay them flat in ice water for 20 min.

Then slip on the straps, close the velcro in front, and cover with your favorite t-shirt, tank, dress, or shirt.

Watch Julia and Brad explain and show how to wear a ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest with summer clothes.


Transcript of Video:

"Hey guys! I'm here today to show you how the Undercool works underneath a wide variety of clothing. Right now I'm wearing my typical workout gear and I'm wearing a vest underneath this. So the vest is right here and here are the cooling packs and the back setting right on my lower back. And as you can see, you can barely notice the vest that I'm wearing anything at all, if you can notice that I'm wearing anything at all underneath it. And it's really helpful to keep me nice and cool when I'm out working out, you know, out in the yard, doing yard work, all sorts of different activities where it's hot out, or you're just overheating from physical exertion. If out on a really hot day and I need to wear a tank, which I don't do very often because I don't want to show off these guns, you know, here, here it is. Again, you can see a little bit of the straps, but otherwise, not really that noticeable. And you can always take the straps off if they're in the way they're really nice when you're doing physical activity because they help keep the vest from bouncing, if you're running anything like that they keep it from sloshing around back and forth or anything, but you can take them off. So I'm just gonna take these off here and you can fold them into the vest. And for the most part, it still does stay. If you're really working hard, working out, running there might be a little bit more bounce. Or, if you're doing soccer or something where there's a lot of lateral movement, you might get a little bit of sliding in there. But really, I mean this is me yanking on it pretty hard. It's not really falling down at all. So here's another option. And you know summer wedding season is popping up here soon and it's going to be really hot. It's kind of ridiculous that we all have to wear three layers of clothing and suits on like 100 degree days and were out at all these weddings or any sort of formal engagement. So the Undercool is a great option to wear underneath your clothes. When you're at that hot outdoor wedding. You can tell that can't can't see it at all. It's underneath here underneath two layers right against my skin. Super cold keeping me nice and nice and cool and relaxed. And here it is again without the jacket on you still can't even notice it. And one more outfit. These is these are my normal street clothes that I would wear out and about you know go into maybe a concert here in Rochester in the hot summer months. And here's the vest right underneath it. Just really comfortable and discreet you don't even know I'm wearing it. Velcro is in the front and you want to get it nice and snug so that way the cooling packs here in the back are tight against your back here and that gives the the ultimate amount of cooling power to the vest to keep you nice and cool. You can wear this under pretty much anything and no one's going to know you're wearing it whether it's your normal clothes, athletic apparel, or even that too if you're going to a wedding."


Transcript of Video:

"Hey everybody. We're gonna talk about how to wear your ThermalApparel Undercool cooling vest with some summertime clothing. So with T-shirts, obviously, it's completely invisible. You can't tell that you're wearing it. It keeps you nice and cold. But what if you want to wear a tank top? Or wear something that doesn't have sleeves to it? Well, let me show you what it looks like. You want to go with a tank that has the little bit wider bit of a strap at the top. And you still can't see it I still have it on is keeping me nice and cool. You say well, what if I want to do a strap that's a little bit thinner? Well, let me show you that too. So here's a little bit thinner of a strap. The straps of the vest might stick out just a titch, but you can adjust it if you make the strap looser, don't make it so tight. It'll actually hide itself a little bit better in there. But you there's lots of us that want to wear tank tops that have a thinner strap. Well let me show you that one too. Well, obviously this kind of tank doesn't work very well with the design of the vest. But that's okay, there's a hack for it. All you have to do is wear the vest garment, like a belt. What do you mean like a belt? It's easy. Just fold the top part and the straps into the vest. Put it back on and just wear it like a belt. See, they're still there. And now you can wear your summer tanks. 
But what if you go into a more formal event like a summer wedding or a summer cocktail party something that you need to wear a little bit dressier? You can use the same thing, wear it as a belt or get something that has a little bit of a thicker strap. Let me show you. So here's a little summer blouse that you could wear with a skirt to a summer wedding, outdoor wedding, or outdoor garden party. And so you can't tell it's still there. Have a little bit wider strap up here so I can wear the straps, or, if I just want to wear it like a belt. I can do that too. But here's what it looks like in a summer dress. So here I'm wearing a little summer dress that I could wear to a wedding or cocktail party. It's still there it's still keeping me cool. The straps are right here. See I went with a little bit wider strap up here. But if you have a thinner strap, just wear it like the belt, tap the straps and the inside, wear it like the belt. And when you do wear like the belt, it makes it really quick and easy to take it on and off to switch the packs out if you need to do that. But either way, you're all set. And here's what it looks like when you're wearing exercise clothes. Because the new vest has more of a racerback to it. It fits pretty well with exercise clothing. You can see it a little bit but you're at the gym, you're exercising, it looks like a sports bra, you'll be fine. You can if you want just wear like a belt, the main part of the straps is so that if you are exercising, moving, doing lateral movements up and down, jumping, the vest doesn't move. But if you slip off, let's say I was gonna wear this as a belt with this exercise stuff. It still doesn't really move that much. So either way you're going to be okay, but I have a couple other exercise tops just to see what it looks like. This one has a little bit thinner strap it's a little bit more noticeable. But again, you're in exercise wear, it looks like a sports bra, but you can also just wear it like a belt. So here's another one a little bit wider, has a bigger coverage of the racer back in back. But again, it's still there. It's still keeping me cool. I'm still gonna exercise and feel great." 


UnderCool is a unisex garment that comes in 5 sizes XXS, S, M, L, and XXL. If you need help with sizing check out our sizing guide for videos and info. The garment has adjustable straps and velcro across the front to accommodate the waist of any user.

UnderCool can be worn both under and over clothing, according to your preference. But, we recommend wearing it under your clothes for maximum cooling. No undershirt is required.