1. Summer Festivals / State Fairs / Concerts

Summer is the time for festivals, fairs, and music. If you haven't had the chance to grab a funnel cake or fried Oreo then you're doing summer wrong, my friend. Still, summer festivals, with their large crowds and hot weather, are no walk in the park. Read more for tips on festivals.


2. Hydration Guide

Staying hydrated is a big factor in staying cool. But how does one stay properly hydrated anyway? Do you just drink water until you pass out? It's a bit more complicated (and safe) than that. Here's our guide on how to properly hydrate, make better heat decisions, and craft a cooling plan with more solutions. Be active! Do more of what you love this summer!


3. Cookouts 

The first warm days of summer are the kickoff for cookouts. Planning and preparing for a cookout can seem insurmountable; it's certainly easy to get lost in the details of preparing for such a big event. But don't worry we got you covered with 2 plans, a Cooling Plan and a Cookout Plan with easy steps. 


4. Go-Karts

Keeping your cool on the track is a gold medal plan for winning. By keeping yourself from overheating you will have focused concentration, better driving, and faster times. Watch Kurtis explain how he uses Pre-Cooling, Event Cooling, and Post-Cooling at the go-kart track to keep him losing his cool.

5. Swimming - Coming Soon


6. Amusement Parks 

Amusement parks. It's every kid's dream to go to one. (Especially that really big one with the castle and the ears!) But let's face it: parks can be enormous, hot, and exhausting. More trouble than they're worth, right? Wrong! Watch and read our 2 plans with quick tips to ensure a fun, safe and cool time at a park!  


7. Road Trips - Coming Soon


8. Smore's - Coming Soon


9. Cycling - Coming Soon


10. Hiking - Coming Soon


11. Kayaking - Coming Soon