Amusement parks. It's every kid's dream to go to one. (Especially that really big one with the castle and the ears!) But let's face it: parks can be big, scary, and exhausting. More trouble than they're worth, right? Wrong! Here are our quick tips to ensure a fun time at a park! 

Rule #1: Know Your Park

Are coolers allowed? Does the park rent lockers? How accessible is the park? How expensive is parking? How long does it take to traverse the park? Have you considered a fast pass? Does the park offer fast passes? All this and more can be yours if you plan beforehand! 

Rule #2: Pack Lightly

Most amusement parks offer locker rentals, but they're notoriously small and expensive. It's important to only bring the essentials with you to avoid spending lots of money and, more importantly, hauling around heavy objects all day. I would stick to sunscreen, a small wallet (preferably something that fits in your pocket), and a towel (especially if you're in a water park). Electronic devices might best be left at home or safely stowed away.

Rule #3: Bring Cash

ATMs at amusement parks are no joke! You might have paid for your tickets into the park with a card, but don't be afraid if lockers or other vendors say CASH ONLY. It's better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to bring some bills with you!

Rule #4: Stay Hydrated

I could talk myself hoarse on this subject, but it's so important! You can't leave your home without sunscreen, umbrella/hat, and water bottle. 

Rule #5: Stay Cool

Don't forget to bring your favorite cooling vest with you to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Stay Cool!

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