UnderCool – Made for you.

It seems that the signature red suit is great up at the North Pole but designed poorly for all of our heated malls and virtual visits.

Do you have problems with concentration and fatigue from the long hours in the suit, sitting under hot lights while the glow from the computer monitor heats you up or the warmth from the Mall? 

Our cooling vest will help you keep you cool, and your concentration. By wearing a ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest, your core temperature will not spike helping you to keep your concentration strong and fatigue low so you can make each visit as memorable as possible for the kids.

It's not about feeling cold, it's about feeling good.

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Santa Ed Taylor

"Santa Claus needs to keep cool... but he doesn't need to add any weight or girth. Here's the solution... a cool vest... but not just any cool vest. This vest by ThermApparel add almost nothing to the cookie zone and weighs less than 2 pounds! ~ Santa Ed"

Check out Santa Ed's full review 
Check out Santa Ed's Santa School and World Wide Santa Network
Santa Ed's choice of ThermApparel Cooling Vest is the  Festival Bundle with ExtendedCool Packs.



Santa Rick Rosenthal

"I am truly impressed with the light weight material and design of the ThermApparel cooling vest. Without the ice packs the vest weighs only a couple ounces and folds up to literally fit into one hand. Because the vest is designed with all of the cooling packs in the lower back area, your chest retains its natural look without the bulging seen in other vests. This also allows you to wear your normal sized Santa shirts with no problem, as they fit over this vest and you do not have to purchase larger sized shirts, as you do to accommodate other bulky vests.

I found the product to be a smart and worthwhile investment that every Santa should consider adding to their wardrobe, especially those in warmer climates or for Christmas in July events. ~ Merrily, Santa Rick"

Check out Santa Rick's full review 
Check out Santa Rick's Northern Lights Santa Academy
Santa Rick's choice of ThermApparel Cooling Vest is the  Festival Bundle with ExtendedCool Packs.



Santa Jim Lockwood

"I love my cooling vest, never have to worry about overheating again. Keeps me cool for up to 4 hours. It’s so slim it’s invisible under my vest or Santa Coat. Keeps me cool during those home visits setting near the fireplace or in the hot sun at the Christmas in July events. My ThermApparel vest will always be part of my Santa Outfit, summer and winter. ~ Santa Jim"

Check out Santa Jim's full review 
Santa Jim's choice of ThermApparel Cooling Vest is the  Festival Bundle with ExtendedCool Packs.

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White Festival Bundle


Our most popular package. Signature UnderCool Cooling Vest with 2 sets of cooling packs. Double up the packs for extra cooling time.

Black Festival Bundle


Our most popular package. Signature UnderCool Cooling Vest with 2 sets of cooling packs. Double up the packs for extra cooling time.



I'm a big Santa. Do you have big sizes?

YES! We have 7 sizes - XXS - XXL. Check our sizing page for all sizing info and a video explaining how to get the correct fit.
XXL fits a natural waist of 55"-60"
XL fits a natural waist of 48" - 52"
If you fall in between the 2 sizes order the smaller size.
If you need help with sizing give us a call 855-232-7233. We are happy to help.

How do I order a cooling vest?

Go to our shop page, select your size and cooling pack type, enter your address and credit card info and we will ship it to you.
If you need help placing an order give us a call 855-232-7233. We are happy to take phone orders.

How do ThermApparel Cooling Vests keep me cool under my red Suit?

Our cooling vest is a PCM Cooling Vest, not gel or ice. PCM works better than gel and ice. Why is that and why is it important?

  • When your body is hot your blood vessels open up to allow heat to be released. In other words, you sweat and when air hits your sweat it cools your body down.
  • Ice and Gel Packs cause blood vessels to constrict, preventing cooled blood from reaching your core. Ice is wonderful for cooling down a specific part of your body or bringing down swelling, but it doesn't cool your entire body. There is a reason doctors say 20 min on and 20 min off with ice packs. You need your blood vessels to open back up to allow the blood to start flowing again.
  • ThermApparel PCM Cooling Packs cools the blood without constricting your blood vessels. As your blood flows past the PCM Cooling Packs they cool your blood and your body keeps pumping cool blood through your system keeping your whole body cool.

Will it be comfortable while seated?

YES! Pilots and race car drivers have worn our product with great results. It's so comfortable, most people forget they have it on.

Will it interfere with the sizing of my red suit?

Because our cooling packs are in the lower back area and are worn directly against the skin and its low profile design It won't cause you to need a larger red suit size then you normally wear.


When someone sits on my lap will they know I am wearing it?

Nope. UnderCool has a velcro closure right over your belly button and with it's low profile design it won't add any bulk to your red suit. The cooling packs are in the back so no one will notice.


How long will it keep me cool?

YES! UnderCool will last for 90 min to 3 hours depending on your choice of pack.

SlimCool Packs last 1-2 hours
ExtendedCool Packs last 2-3 hours.

If you need it to last longer the packs can be refrozen and placed back in the vest, or you can purchase additional cooling packs. The cooling packs can be doubled up in the vest to make them last longer, but this will add a little more weight and bulk to the vest on your back.

The unique thing about our packs is their recharging time and ability. the packs can refreeze

  • ice water in 20 min
  • freezer in 40 min
  • fridge in 60 min

The frozen cooling packs can be placed in an insulated cooler and they will stay cold for a few hours until you need to switch. 


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Don’t just take our word for it...


Santa Ed Taylor - Worldwide Santa Claus Network



Santa Michael - Mitten State Santa


Santa Val


Santa Jim


Who will be our next Santa??? Will it be you?

We would love to know about your experience with the UnderCool Cooling Vest. Send us your testimonial. 


It's not about feeling cold. It's about feeling good. 


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