I am truly impressed with the light weight material and design of the ThermApparel cooling vest. Without the ice packs the vest weighs only a couple ounces and folds up to literally fit into one hand. Because the vest is designed with all of the cooling packs in the lower back area, your chest retains its natural look without the bulging seen in other vests. This also allows you to wear your normal sized Santa shirts with no problem, as they fit over this vest and you do not have to purchase larger sized shirts, as you do to accommodate other bulky vests.

I found the product to be a smart and worthwhile investment that every Santa should consider adding to their wardrobe, especially those in warmer climates or for Christmas in July events.

Merrily, Santa Rick

It seems that the signature red suit is great up at the north pole but designed poorly for all of our heated malls and virtual visits.

Even though Santa visits are going virtual this year, our Santas still need to keep their cool. Do you have problems with concentration and fatigue from the long hours in the suit, sitting under hot lights while the glow from the computer monitor heats you up. Our cooling vest will help you keep you cool, and your concentration. By wearing a ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest, your core temperature will not spike helping you to keep your concentration strong and fatigue low so you can make each visit as memorable as possible for the kids. It's not about feeling cold, it's about feeling good. read more and click for discount code...


Meet Santa Rick Rosenthal

Santa Rick first set his boots on the path towards a Santa career in 1968 and has been perfecting his persona ever since. Passionate about representing the true spirit of Santa while bringing hope and joy into the lives of children and adults alike, he embodies the sentiment “the world belongs to the children”.

A consummate professional, Santa Rick has graduated from, and instructed at several prestigious Santa schools and universities where he consistently demonstrates and advocates professionalism and integrity in the Santa industry. As an expert in the industry he started the Northern Lights Santa Academy with a goal of educating, preparing, and energizing student Santas for the monumental responsibility of being Santa Claus.

An Atlanta native, Santa Rick is a year-round Santa who enlivens private parties, corporate events, trade shows, parades, and festivals throughout the Southeastern United States. As the official Santa of the Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves and the NFL Atlanta Falcons football team he is an ambassador of the Christmas spirit to thousands of fans each year. A committed member of the community, Santa Rick has volunteered for several organizations including Big Brothers of America, Boy Scouts of America, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Toys for Tots, United Cerebral Palsy, and the Georgia Aquarium. When he’s not delighting children and adults alike, Santa Rick mentors and serves as a booking agent to assist other Santas and help ensure their success within the Santa industry.

Affiliations: International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, Peachtree Santas, Real Bearded Santas of North Georgia\


For more info on how to become the best Santa you can be check out Santa Rick's Northern Lights Santa Academy


Santa Rick's choice of ThermApparel Cooling Vest is the Festival Bundle with ExtendedCool Packs.

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White Festival Bundle


Our most popular package. Signature UnderCool Cooling Vest with 2 sets of cooling packs. Double up the packs for extra cooling time.

Black Festival Bundle


Our most popular package. Signature UnderCool Cooling Vest with 2 sets of cooling packs. Double up the packs for extra cooling time.


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It's not about feeling cold. It's about feeling good.