ThermApparel has been a leader in personal cooling product for years now thanks to our UnderCool Cooling Vest.  Since its release we have always being asked when are you going to make something to cool my (fill in the blank)? By far, the top answer was something for my head. This year we finally accomplished that with something worthy of the ThermApparel name. Believe it or not, the Headband has been one of the most challenging items we have ever designed. It was difficult to get frozen solid cooling packs to curve, but we did it.  Powered by our unique patent pending cooling pack, this Cooling Headband is a cut above the rest!

1. Uses Phase Change Material to keep you cooler, for longer, even in humid conditions.

Most headbands rely on evaporation to cool you down.  This technology is cheap to produce and works well in dry conditions. But it can only provide cooling to your body in drier environments where the water can evaporate.


ThermApparel Headband is different using PCM technology for cooling. The Cooling pack works as a heat sink pulling heat out of your body to melt the cooling pack. By using PCM, the ThermApparel Headband absorbs more heat from your head and does it regardless of the climate you are living in.


2. Easy and comfortable to wear

The headband is designed for maximum convenience, a stretchy band means it will fit snug against your head for maximum cooling. Use the Velcro to get your sizing right and then never Velcro again, just slip on and off. The Headband provided optimal 70 degree cooling for 45 minutes to an hour in most conditions.  This means its cold enough to cool your body, but not so cold you’ll get a brain freeze.

Our patent pending Cooling Packs used in the Headband are designed to make frozen heat absorbing material comfortable. No other cooling companies utilize a thin layer of liquid to provide skin conformity to the cooling pack.  This means you get a comfortable feel with no hard sections and maximum surface contact for maximum cooling. Just make sure you put the pack in the headband properly!

3. Great for a little extra Cooling.

The Headband is ideal for adding a little extra to your cooling plan. It also works as a great recovery device. When you know you need a little extra for those mid-day activities. Like the Pickleball game, and the court is only available at 2:00. Nobody likes it when you can feel the heat radiating off your head. It feels like you're never going to cool down again. So please put on the new Themapparel Headband and go for it! 


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