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4 Things to Decide Before Ordering Your UnderCool Cooling Vest

Amarillo, Texas. My hometown

Amusement Parks

Newsletter - April 2019

August 2018 Newsletter


Ballroom Dancing for People with Multiple Sclerosis

Benefits of cooling during exercise.

Study: Benefits of Low Temperature Exercise for MS Patients

Best Fabrics for Summer

Best Men's Cooling Sports Apparel

Best MS Clinics in the US.

Best Women's Cooling Workout Clothes

Best Workouts for MS

Big Fun at Al Sigl's WalkAbout

Can ThermApparel Phase Change Material (PCM) Cooling Packs be left in the Freezer?

Is There a Connection Between Fibromyalgia and MS?

cool stories - Tom

Cool Video Testimonials

Cooling Gear GIVEAWAY for MS Awareness Month 2019!

Cooling off at the 2019 annual meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers

Cooling Solutions

Breast Cancer, Hot Flashes and Cooling

Staying Cool at Walt Disney World

UnderCool Cooling Vest Now Available in Australia at RehaCare

COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance for People Living with MS


Best Cooling Gear for a Ride

Daily Cup of Flavonoid-rich Cocoa May Help Ease MS Fatigue

Newsletter - December 2018

Design Contest for Helping People with MS.

Design Contest for Helping People with MS.

Diet Tips for Managing MS Symptoms

don't sweat the suit

Dreaming of Adventure

Easy (Really!) Halloween Costumes

Electric Mountain Cart takes disabled riders off-road



Newsletter - February 2019

FitKit how to find and measure your natural waist for a ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest

Fun Things to do this Spring

Blogs we love: Multiple Sclerosis News Today: Funding Supports MS Research on Epigenetics and Fatigue in Australia

Giving Thanks

Podcast: Stay Cool and Look It Too

Heat and You

STUDY: New UK guidelines for pregnancy in multiple sclerosis

Handicap Parking Guide According to Dave

Harvey Relief


Health and Wellness Expo

10 things you should know when your spouse has MS.

16 Alternative uses for your UnderCool Cooling Vest

3 types of stress, their signs and simple things you can do to reduce your stress levels

4 Reasons Why It's Time to Replace Your Sneakers

6 Gym Bag Essentials to Keep You Cool During Your Workout

8 Key Questions About Multiple Sclerosis

8 Products Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis Swear By to Cope with Their Symptoms

9 Impressive Health Benefits of Pumpkin

A Day at the Grill

STUDY: Acute High-Intensity Interval Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis with Mobility Disability.

Dr. Gretchen of the MSing Link's review of ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vests

Heat intolerance with Dr. Gretchen Hawley at The MSing Link

Tips to reduce your risk of infection with COVID-19, coronavirus, or other viral outbreaks.

STUDY: High-intensity interval exercise improves cognitive performance in MS

STUDY: High intensity interval training for people with multiple sclerosis: A systematic review.


Hottest Cooling Workout Gear

How Can I Get A Prescription For A Cooling Vest?

How can you help someone with multiple sclerosis?

How Do You Wear A Cooling Vest Like UnderCool?

How Does A Cooling Vest Work?

How hot is your mom?

How Long Does it Take to Recharge PCM Phase Change Material Cooling Packs?

Blogs we love: Multiple Sclerosis.Net: How Temperature Changes Can Affect My MS Body

How Temperature Effects Productivity

How To

How to Actually Achieve Your Goals

How To Do 10,000 Things at Once

How to Make a SMART Resolution

How to Manage Hot Flashes

How to Prep for a Cookout

How to Prep for the TSA

How to Prep Your Home for Summer II

How to Prep Your Home for Summer

How to Prep Your Home for Travel

How to Prepare for a Ride

How to Prepare for a Walk

How to refreezing cooling packs in ice water

How to Stay Cool

How to Stay Cool at Night

Do I need a cooling vest for my costume?

Do you know what to do if a service dog approaches you without a person?

Hugging: a beautiful form of communication

Hydration Guide

STUDY: Sailing Sclerosis Oceans of Hope Journey.

STUDY: Effectiveness of walking exercise program in improving fatigue in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients

In Case of Emergency

In the Defense of Resolutions

In the Defense of Sunlight

Innovative cooling vest improves performance racers overall performance

Inside Look: Accessibility in the NY State Fair

Inside Look: Day on the Track

Inside Look: Walk MS 2017

STUDY: Effects of moderate- versus high- intensity swimming training on inflammatory and CD4+T cell subset profiles.

STUDY: The effect of regular interval training on histochemical symptoms and cytokine and neurotrophic levels

Interesting facts about sweating, breathing, and the science of cooling our bodies

Is UnderCool a Cooling Vest?

Newsletter - January 2019

The Little Black Dress 3 Ways for the Holidays

Newsletter - July 2018

Newsletter - June 2018


Let's Go Swimming

LupsChick and ThermApparel

Newsletter - March 2019

Newsletter - May 2018

Newsletter - May 2019

MS Awareness

MS Awareness Month

Addressing Unmet Needs in MS: An Innovation Challenge

MS Patients Using Cooling Vests Show Significant Exercise Gains

MS Research Translated: How Physical Ability Affects Social Participation

MS Research Translated: How to Reduce Fatigue During Exercise

MS Research Translated: Impact of pre-cooling therapy on MS patients.


12-part Video Series, ‘Understanding Multiple Sclerosis,’ Available Online

A Chronic Voice Top 10 Articles fro 2018

Happy New Year 2021

Installment plan with PayPal Credit for your ThermApparel Cooling Vest

Meet The Team - Julia - Local Business Spotlight - Rochester Women Online

Overheating and Protective Facemasks

Stay Informed During the Coronavirus Pandemic

ThermApparel featured on Good Day New York - COVID-19 Summer toolkit

Things To Do During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Newsletter - November 2018

NWSA World Series 2018 Kansas City, KS

Newsletter - October 2018

Newsletter October 2019

STUDY: Pilates for people with multiple sclerosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Powerful Solutions at RIT's IdeaLab


Brain cell transplants repair MS damage in mice

Study Suggests Role for Sunlight Exposure in Reducing the Severity of MS

STUDY: Risk of falls and gait: effectiveness of a physiotherapy circuit training on the walk function, quality of life and risk of falls in a multiple sclerosis patients

RIT Venture Creations technology business incubator launches four new companies

Road Trip

Rochester Sled Hockey Clinic with Rochester Accessible Adventures

Santa wants some UnderCooling!

Santas have more concentrations and less fatigue with ThermApparel Cooling Vest

Scratch and Dent Sale


Newsletter - September 2018

Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Stay safe out there!

Stay safe out there!

Stay Warm, Stay Safe

STUDY: Cooling vests help MSers walk farther, longer

Summer Festivals

Summer Giveaway: UnderCool Cooling Vest

Summer Travel Safety Guide

Swag Shop

Testimonial - My Cooling Vest Made All The Difference

Testimonials: Now I Can Cycle

Testimonials - Now I Can Garden

Testimonials - UnderCool Cooling Vest changed my life

The Benefits of Goals

The Importance of Self-advocacy

The Latest Development About ThermApparel That You Have To Know.

The Summer Bucket List

The World's Most Accessible Travel Destinations

There's fear and then there's FEAR.

ThermApparel Announced as Finalist for Digital Rochester's GREAT Awards

ThermApparel at Bike MS

ThermApparel at Imagine RIT

ThermApparel to Attend 2015 Effective Access Technology Conference

ThermApparel Wins 2nd Place at 2015 Effective Access Technology Conference

ThermApparel Wins 2nd Place at RIT's Tiger Tank

ThermApparel Wins Al Sigl Award at Imagine RIT

Things I can do in a cooling vest. #NationalKiteFlyingDay

Tips for Applying to A Cooling Program for Financial Assistance with a Cooling Vest

Tips For Feeding Your Emotional Hunger

Tips for Filing an Appeal Letter for A Cooling Vest

3 Tips For Reshaping PCM Cooling Packs

Blogs we love: Health Central: Tips on How to Manage Your MS in Hot Weather

Travel Bag Essentials

UnderCool 2.0 Cooling Vest in Action

UnderCool 2.0 The New Version of Cool is Here

UnderCool Cooling Vest is a "game changer" according to Dave Bexfield from ActiveMSers

Understanding a new MS diagnosis

UVB rays (SUNLIGHT) may lower your risk of MS by 45%

wear normal sized Santa shirts with no problem with a ThermApparel Cooling Vest

What are the signs of heat related illness?

Blogs we love: My MS Team: What Causes MS?

What goes in a Coronavirus Summer Toolkit

What is Awareness?

What is Heat Exhaustion?

What is Phase Change Material?

What is the difference between ThermApparel Cooling Packs SlimCool and ExtendedCool

Who Gets MS?

Work Out Smarter, Not Harder

World Health Day 2021 Building a Fairer Healthier World

XXL Cooling Vest


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