The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can be frustrating and bewildering to travelers. Whether you're a first-time flyer or a seasoned veteran, reviewing TSA regulations and policies is always a good idea. We've compiled a quick guide to zip you through the TSA line!


1. Packing Dos and Dont's

Can I take my ThermApparel Cooling Vest on the plane with me? The TSA guidelines don't say anything specific about cooling vests except for "The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint."

We have heard from customers that they have been able to take their ThermApparel Cooling Vest on the plane while wearing it and/or in their carry-on-luggage, and we have heard from other customers that they have not been able to get through security with their UnderCool Cooling Vest or have it in their carry-on-luggage but everyone has been able to put it in their checked luggage.

The TSA has an easy visual guide on what is and is not allowed on luggage. Firearms and other flammable objects are never allowed on flights but other seemingly innocuous items may raise a red flag for security reasons. Familiarize yourself with the list to avoid mailing things back home.

Save yourself a headache and double check everything before you leave for the airport. One simple thing in your rush to get things ready for traveling can make all the difference in your TSA experience. The TSA's Travel Checklist helps to make sure you have everything ready!


2. Tips for traveling with your UnderCool Cooling Vest.

  • Unless you need the cooling vest on the plane to keep yourself cool, put it in your checked luggage.
  • Always travel with the cooling packs in their frozen, solid state. All TSA agents will raise a red flag if they see strange looking pockets of liquid. 
  • Pack your ThermApparel Cooling Vests in the ThermApparel Cooler Bag. It will keep them compact and safe from damage. 

3. Take 2 sets of your medical paperwork. 

Carry 2 sets of your medical paperwork. Place 1 set in your carry on and 1 set in your checked luggage. (TIP: safe location is the front pocket of the ThermApparel Cooler Bag)

4. Familiarize yourself with exceptions

The TSA has special procedures and exceptions for children, seniors, and individuals with medical conditions.  The TSA recommends you turn in a TSA Notification Card stating your medical condition to a TSA officer to receive alternative screening methods. It never hurts to call ahead to ask questions about these alternative methods so you know what to expect.


5. Separate your items

Specifically, designate what belongs in checked or carry on luggage. For example, liquids over 100 ml are allowed in checked luggage but not in carry on luggage. Both checked and carry on luggage are screened so keeping things plainly organized makes it easier for TSA agents to determine you have nothing dangerous in your luggage. (TIP: Include 1 set of your medical paperwork with your ThermApparel Cooling Vest in your checked luggage.). If you decide to include liquids in your carry on, make sure you follow the 3-1-1 rule.

Traveling to a Disney Park?

Check out this blog for ADA tips for visiting Disney Parks. 

Do you have a Cooling Plan?

Check out this blog. ThermApparel was able to set up an individualized Cooling Plan and Timeline for a Father of the  Bride to be able to keep his heat sensitivity under control and enjoy his daughter's wedding!

If you need help putting together a Cooling Plan and Timeline for your wedding, event or vacation call 855-232-7233 and talk to Julia. This is a free service from ThermApparel. We want to make sure you enjoy your event or vacation and not worry about how to survive it. 

Happy Travels!


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