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Change is in the air, winter has changed to spring and for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere it’s time for cooler temps and the change to winter.  

Here at ThermApparel we like change, especially Phase Change (that is the ingredient in the cooling and we have lots of change going on. Read on to see what cool changes are going on.

we need you for a photoshoot!

We are creating a new 100% custom website to make it more user friendly and we need your help. For the lifestyle pictures we want to use pictures of people who use the UnderCool and not professional models. We are looking for people to pose for us.

Photoshoots have started!! The first of many. Fun fact. Kurtis, one of the co-founders, is a professional photographer, that’s him on the ladder. We are a full action team!

Now I Can - LupusChick

We get questions from folks with heat sensitivity that don’t have Multiple Sclerosis and ask us why we don’t address it. Well, they right we should. 

This month we have started to make that change. LupusChicklives in our area of the world and we met up in our office. We outfitted her with an UnderCool and she is putting it to the test as she travels down south. 

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook as she tests out UnderCool and posts about it. Read the first part of her review and watch the video. 

Review part 1

tips & tricks - Dr. Aaron Boster

We have connected with Dr. Aaron Boster, a board-certified clinical neuroimmunologist  with Ohio Health Neurological Physicians. Check out his YouTube channel, Wow! He does amazing informative videos all about MS. 

We sent him some UnderCools for him to try in his clinic and he did an AMAZING video about cooling vests, heat sensitivity  and a great unboxing video for us. You can win one of the vests if you follow his directions at the end of the video! watch video

Now I Can - Chronically Salty

We made another new friend this month. A big shout out to Chronically Salty for the awesome review and super cool unboxing video.

She is a great energetic chronically happy person who doesn’t let POTS keep her from getting out and enjoying life. Our hats are off to all of you for not holding back and thank you for allowing us to be apart of the POTS family and you apart of ours.  watch video


ThermApparel is putting together a team for Rochester's MS Walk May 5, 2019 and we would love your support. Come be apart of our team and walk with us or sign up with your local MS Walk and put on your walking shoes.  donate

what to buy

Not too many people think about a cooling vest in the winter months and put off purchasing one until they are in the height of the heat of summer and need an UnderCool Cooling Vest to help manager their MS fast. 

Avoid rush shipping charges and the stress of missing important family events by ordering your UnderCool Cooling Vest now. You will keep you cool in more ways than one. 


ThermApparel is a small business making big waves in the heat sensitivity world by designing the first lightweight, comfortable and invisible cooling vest, UnderCool. Check us out online, on our blog, or on FacebookTwitter, PinterestLinkedIn and Instagram.

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