My ThermApparel vests saved me this summer!  I wasn't sure I could do the things I love with the heat we've had but...

NOW I CAN spend a day out in the sun at the QuickChek Balloon Festival!  I could visit all the vendors and walk the whole way! and most importantly for me... NOW I CAN enjoy all that Walt Disney World has to offer without worrying about the walking or the weather!

I recently spent 10 days in Florida at the WDW resort with my family.  It was around 95 degrees every day and I brought my vests along. I put them in the fridge in our hotel room to freeze and each morning I would put one on and put the other in a small lunch-sized cooler bag with a big ziploc of ice from the vending machine.  By the time the first vest warmed up, they were super easy to switch in a restroom and the cooler vest was still frozen! I would put the warmed one in the cooler bag and wear the fresh one and a few hours later, the first one is frozen again and ready to switch!  At night they go back in the fridge ready for the next day. Any dampness in the fabric hang dried quickly and never got stinky. I am BEYOND happy with these. They really let me enjoy one of my favorite places with my favorite people and my heat-related MS symptoms were kept at bay. 


Best Regards,