My ThermApparel vests saved me this summer!  I wasn't sure I could do the things I love with the heat we've had but...

NOW I CAN spend a day out in the sun at the QuickChek Balloon Festival!  I could visit all the vendors and walk the whole way! and most importantly for me... NOW I CAN enjoy all that Walt Disney World has to offer without worrying about the walking or the weather!

I recently spent 10 days in Florida at the WDW resort with my family.  It was around 95 degrees every day and I brought my vests along. I put them in the fridge in our hotel room to freeze and each morning I would put one on and put the other in a small lunch-sized cooler bag with a big ziploc of ice from the vending machine.  By the time the first vest warmed up, they were super easy to switch in a restroom and the cooler vest was still frozen! I would put the warmed one in the cooler bag and wear the fresh one and a few hours later, the first one is frozen again and ready to switch!  At night they go back in the fridge ready for the next day. Any dampness in the fabric hang dried quickly and never got stinky. I am BEYOND happy with these. They really let me enjoy one of my favorite places with my favorite people and my heat-related MS symptoms were kept at bay. 


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ThermApparel Cooling Vests are perfect for Disney Theme Parks

  • Weighs less than 2 lbs.
  • Can be worn under your clothing... no one, not even Mickey himself, will know you have it on. (in fact there is a rumor that a few of the cast members wear our vest.....) 
  • The cooling packs can recharge in ice water in 30 min or in a few hours in your hotel fridge. 

Using your ThermApparel Cooling Vest at Disney Theme Parks


  • Take a Cooler Bag / cooler with you... (check with your Disney Theme Park before bringing it in) ThermApparel makes a Cooler Bag that will fit 2 vests and 2 sets of cooling packs. It will keep your second set cool until you need to switch cooling packs.
  • The Cooler Bag will not refreeze your cooling packs, but you can put a 2 gal Ziplock bag with ice water in the Cooler Bag and that will refreeze your Cooling Packs quickly.
  • The bag has a shoulder strap for easy carrying and a front pocket for your phone and other small items. 



  • ThermApparel Cooling Packs can recharge in ice water in 30-40 min. Take a 2 gal Ziplock Bag with you. Ask any restaurant or the First-Aide Stations for ice water (tell them why). Put your depleted packs in the ice water. Rotate and repeat as necessary for the whole day.
  • (Tip: make sure the cooling packs are flat or straight so they won't freeze in funny shapes. If this happens, just run them under warm water until squishy, reshape and put back in ice water) 
  • The cooling packs can also recharge in a few hours in your hotel fridge. 
  • Wear your ThermApparel Cooling Vest before you get hot. 


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Did you know that Disney has a amazing programs for Accommodating Guests with Disabilities?

Disney Parks have an unwavering commitment to providing a welcoming, inclusive environment and accessible experiences for their Guests. 

  • Guest Service located at Walt Disney World® Resort
  • Get an overview of the many services and access options available all throughout Walt Disney World Resort.
  • For more information, please contact Disability Services at (407) 560-2547 or email

Cognitive Disabilities

Help Guests with cognitive disabilities experience the magic of the parks with some simple tips and services. Learn More.

Disability Access Service

Learn more about how eligible Guests can register for our Disability Access Service (DAS) program, which assists those who have difficulty tolerating extended waits in a conventional queue environment due to disability. Learn More.

Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV) Rentals

Learn more about these 4-wheel vehicles that help Guests travel long distances with ease. Learn More.

Guides for Guests with Disabilities

Available at Guest Relations, these guides can also be downloaded in a printable format for each theme park:

Hearing Disabilities

Discover the variety of ways Walt Disney World Resort assists Guests with hearing disabilities. Learn More.

Lighting Sensitivity

Should you or any member of your party have a photosensitivity or seizure disorder, we recommend that you consult your physician for specific instructions before visiting Walt Disney World Resort, as specialty lighting effects and other visual effects are used extensively throughout our shows and attractions.

Magnetic Fields

Common equipment, such as electric motors and radios, that produce electric and magnetic fields are utilized extensively throughout the world and also within our Resorts. These fields are generally no greater than you would experience in any urban environment or may be exposed to through common household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and hair dryers.

If you—or any member of your party—has questions regarding the above, you may speak with a Guest Relations Cast Member for details.

Mobility Disabilities

See what service and access options are available for Guests with mobility disabilities. Learn More.


Parking for Guests with disabilities is available all throughout Walt Disney World Resort. A valid disability parking permit is required. Learn More.

Restrooms & Companion Restrooms

Restrooms at the theme parks offer facilities designed for access by Guests with mobility disabilities. Companion-assisted restroom facilities are also available at various locations in each theme park. Theme park First Aid locations have facilities with additional space and privacy for individuals who may need assistance from a member of their party with their personal care needs.

Service Animals

We welcome service animals at most locations throughout our theme parks and Resort hotels. At Walt Disney World Resort, a service animal is defined as any dog or miniature horse trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Guests who use service animals must retain control of their animals at all times and should keep them on a leash or harness while visiting. Learn More.

Services for Guests with Disabilities at Disney Resort Hotels

Learn how Disney Resort hotels offer accessible rooms, services features, parking and service animal accommodations. Learn More.

Special Effects

Special effects—including theatrical smoke, fog, snow and bubbles—are used at select Walt Disney World Resort attractions, shows and events. All special effects are produced using products that have been proven to be safe in these applications.

For additional questions regarding the above, please contact a Guest Relations Cast Member for details.

Visual Disabilities

View the different services and devices which are available to assist Guests with visual disabilities. Learn More.

Wheelchair Rentals

Take advantage of several convenient options when renting a wheelchair at Walt Disney World Resort. Learn More.

Guest Health Care Services Presented by AdventHealth

AdventHealth is here to help prepare for your family’s needs as you plan for an unforgettable Walt Disney World Resort vacation—including first aid, video visits and urgent care services.

Learn more about Health Care Services by AdventHealth.


Read more on Disney's website


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