I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 33 yrs old. I have never been able to handle heat and humidity. Growing up in Oregon was nice with temperate, great outdoor weather. But summer humidity found me indoors. Moving to the East Coast at 26 I found myself cut off from the outdoors, gardening, hiking, camping, fishing and fresh air. Air conditioning is fine but not like the fresh air of the outdoors.

When my husband and I finally had our daughter, I was excited to share with her my love of outdoors but I worried how I would handle the humidity. As she got older it was hard for me to be outside for even a short time. So we missed out on a lot of things I wanted to show her.

Then I heard about the (ThermApparel Cooling) vest and I couldn’t wait to try it. Giving it a try was the coolest thing that has happened since having my daughter, I have been able to take her hiking, berry picking, and gardening. Plus she has swim lessons at an outdoor pool, I can now sit outside in the humidity and watch her swim. 

I also love to cook and bake. But summer with no air conditioning in our current home, baking and cooking have turned into fall and winter seasonal thing, but with the vest I can still cook and bake for the ones I love.

The (ThermApparel Cooling) vest has given me the peace of mind that only the outdoors can give me.

Everyday Adventure:  Cooking and Baking new recipes

Wouldn’t Say No To:  Going somewhere new.

Next Adventure: Tent camping


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