There are people out there that can already hear the sleigh bells ringing. Yes that's right we have been fielding questions from the folks that are ambassadors for Mr. Claus who is no doubt working away at the North Pole.

* Would an UnderCool work in a hot red Suit?
YES! UnderCool will keep you cool.

* Would it be comfortable while seated?
YES! Pilots and race car drivers have worn our product with great results. It's so comfortable, most people forget they have it on.

* Would it interfere with the sizing of my red suit?
Because our cooling packs are in the lower back area and are worn directly against the skin It shouldn't cause you to need a larger red suit size then you normally wear.

* If someone were to sit on my lap would they know I am wearing it?
Nope. UnderCool has a velcro closure right over your belly button and with it's low profile design it won't add any bulk to your red suit. The cooling packs are in the back so no one will notice.

* Will it keep me cool and for how long?
YES! UnderCool will last for 90 min to 2 hours. If you need it to last longer the packs can be refrozen and placed back in the vest, or you can purchase additional cooling packs. The packs can be refrozen in about 20 minutes in a cooler of ice and water or in about 45 minutes in the freezer.

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ThermApparel is as always about getting out and doing. We are doing our best to help people get the most out of life and we can't think of anything better than helping all the Santa's out there.

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