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I have heard February described as the month of night. According to the Washington Post, February is one of the most disliked month of the year. 

As usual we see this as an opportunity to make February a more liked month. Many studies have been released in January and February 2019 stating exercise is GOOD! There's even a study about how ballroom dancing is good for people with MS!

February is for exercising in the great outdoors without heat issues. That makes February the best two-for-one month. Exercise is good for the mind, metabolism, anti-aging and less heat means easier exercise. Now that’s a bargain that can stand up to July… Read More

new studies show exercise is super cool.

So many studies were released in January and February showing the benefits of exercise and MS, and not just lifting weights, but ballroom dancing, Pilates and swimming! We have filtered through many of them and made them available on our blog. Here is a selected list of the ones we think are really interesting.

• Study: Ballroom Dancing for People with Multiple Sclerosis 

• Study: Pilates for people with multiple sclerosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis

• Study: Acute High-Intensity Interval Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis with Mobility Disability.

...and this study on low temperature exercise emailed to us from a MS customer wanting us to know about it. Thank you @Daniel Dwayne McLamb we appreciate the shout out. If anyone sees something you think we should know about please send it to

Study: Shows Benefits of Low Temperature Exercise for MS Patients

tips & tricks

Did your cooling packs freeze in a funny shape? Not sure what to do? Here's the answer in 3 easy tips...

Now. I. Can. amazing stories from customers.

“My body can’t take the heat; walking becomes impossible and who wants to stay indoors. Summer time means fun in the sun. Thanks to the UnderCool vest, I am able to be out and about. I probably have almost every type of cooling vest out there and none of them are as discrete nor stay as cool as the ThermApparel vest design. I have to avoid any rise in body temperature, so I wear the vest and I can handle a simple workout routine.” ~ Angel Amazon Review

You can check out current ones here and fill out the form to submit your Now I Can Story.

making it better - questions from live chats

"I have a prescription for a cooling vest from my ms doctor. Where can I get one and how do I know if my insurance will pay for it.?"

We get some great questions over our live chat. Insurance is a frequent question. We have a new blog up with tips and ideas for handling the insurance question. 

Have a question? You can always reach us through our live chat option on the website. We do our best to get right back to you, but since there is only 3 of us in the office, sometimes it takes a bit, but we do respond to each and every one. 


ThermApparel is hitting the road March 3, 2019 to attend the annual Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York's Mission Steps Walk in Syracuse NY. We are excited to attend the walk again this year and catch up with a bunch of people who were our very first customers. I know we will have many new Now I Can stories to share. 

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