If you haven't read Dave Bexfield's blog or been to his amazing website ActiveMsers.com you should stop reading now and go there quick like a bunny! Full disclosure, we are HUGE fans of Dave and ActiveMSers, not only because he gave us a glowing review about our UnderCool Cooling Vest but because he is an awesome advocate for all MSer's and staying active, here is his mission statement straight from his website.

"ActiveMSers is designed to help, motivate, and inspire those with multiple sclerosis to stay as active as possible---physically, intellectually, and socially---regardless of physical limitations."

Staying as active as possible... we like that. It's like our mission, We give people their lives back by staying cool and safe.

Dave has an awesome newsletter and it's alway packed full of amazing thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We were reading it the other day and giggling, then laughing then falling out of our chair as we read his Handicap Parking---A Trusty Guide so You Don't Look Like a Freaking Idiot.... OMG peeps, whew!

Please go read the entire thing, but if you can't here are the highlights.

"No, you can't tell if that person is a scofflaw or really disabled, so stop the fuck trying. 

"No, van accessible handicap spaces are not the same. 

"No, you can't assume that because a handicap placard or license plate is not visible, that the car is parked illegally. 

"No, you can't park there to pick up a friend because you are behind the wheel... and the car is idling... and you could immediately move if asked."

"No, you can't park there temporarily to unload your stuffed ferret collection that you are generously donating to charity."

"No, you can't park over the lines for a little extra room because the space is so huuuge."

"No, you can't use your mom's placard to run to the store to pick up her medication."

"No, you can't drive with the handicap placard hanging on your rear view mirror."

"No, you can't borrow a handicap placard because you sprained an ankle."

"No, you also can't use someone else's placard so you can get free parking."

"No, it is not illegal to park in a handicapped space if your partner is going to run into the store while you and your gimp self are waiting in the car."

"No, don't call 911 to report a potential offender."


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