We all have that one pair of trainers that we love...but they say that if you really love something you need to let it go. Is it time to say goodbye to your sneakers? Here are 4 signs it's time to replace your shoes!

1. Your Shoes Have High Mileage

You wouldn't recommend driving a car past 100,000 miles, right? The same can be said for your sneakers. Most manufacturers and researchers recommend replacing your sneakers every 300-500 miles. If you're not a hardcore runner that records their every mile, don't fret! It is recommended to replace your walking shoes every 3 -- 5 months if you walk for 45 minutes at least 3 times a week.

2. Your Shoes Have No Tread

It's completely normal for your shoes to lose tread over time, but keeping a close eye on your shoe's tread level every month is very important. Where you walk or run, a rocky trail vs. an indoor court, will absolutely affect the life of your sneaker's tread. Just like how you'd replace a tire with no tread, you need to replace your sneakers. This is true even if you see tread low in certain areas. Uneven tread can affect your gait, which can cause injury!

3. The Shocks Are Gone

Shock absorption plays a big role in modern sneakers. (That's why choosing the right insole is so important.) If you've noticed permanent indents in the insoles of your shoes, this means the insole has collapsed or is in the process of doing so. Checking the outside of your sneakers for a wrinkly or collapsed midsole is another good way to check the status of your insole!

4. You Feel Sore After Wearing Your Shoes

If you walk or run regularly, then it is typically abnormal to feel pain after either activity, If you start to feel sore or aches and pains, especially in your joints, after going for a walk or run, then it's time to replace your shoes. Again, as your sneakers deteriorate, your gait is affected, which increases your chances of injury!

I hope this clarifies some of the mystery of shoes for you. If need something to keep you cool while you workout, we have just the cooling vest for you.



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