A. Less than 2 lbs!

SlimCool = 1.3 lbs

The Vest Garment and 1 set of SlimCool Cooling Packs weigh 1.3 lbs

ExtendedCool = 1.9 lbs

The Vest Garment and 1 set of ExtendedCool Cooling Packs weigh 1.3 lbs

How much is 2 lbs?

It's a lot less than you think. Watch Kurtis find out how ordinary objects weigh vs our UnderCool Cooling Vest.


Transcript of Video:

"Hi, everybody, this is Curtis from ThermApparel, and I am going to talk about weight today. Why are we so obsessed with weight at ThermApparel? It's because, you know, the more weight you're trying to carry, the more fatigue you're going to get. And the whole point of a cooling vest for us in ThermApparel, was born out of trying to get people to get up, participate in all of those activities in life and exercise for better health. You know, not only we're talking about better health, in terms of physical but also better health in mental. And you know, because everybody loves moving so much, you know, carrying heavy things makes you tired. So we're going to play a game today, we're going to say, how much do some ordinary objects weigh versus are Undercool. So let's get started with something easy. My backpack! This is my backpack, I carry it every day. You know, which do you think weighs more? Under cool was SlimCools and Undercool with ExtendedCools or the backpack? Well, if you guess the backpack, you're right, it is 13 pounds. That is the equivalent of wearing eight of our garments. Just in a backpack. So let's let's throw you a curveball. So one of the things that we always get told to is a gallon of milk. Oh, yeah. You know, everybody has been with a doctor. Oh, I hurt my back. Oh my gosh, you know, they say okay, you can't lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. Well, how heavy is a gallon of milk compared to the Undercool. The under the Undercool, is five it takes it takes eight pounds for the milk. And it is five and a half garments with ExtendedCool packs to equal one gallon of milk. So, you know, now let's, let's talk about some other things like, you know, things so that we actually wear on our body. So, how about the ski boot? A good old ski boot. How heavy Do you think a ski boot is?  A ski boot is five pounds, and two ounces. That's just for one. So if you're wearing two you got you got 10 pounds and 4 ounces added to your body. Maybe that's why they're so hard to walk in. Anyway. So which do you think Undercool? So under cool is definitely lighter. It takes four of our undercool garments with SlimCool packs to equal one ski boot. All right. You know, I did mention exercise earlier. How about them hand weights? Because we're all out there exercising, doing our neat little things? Well, these these weights right here? They're they're fairly heavy. 12 pounds. 12 pounds. That's a lot of Undercools. That's 10 Undercools. All right, what if we lightened it up a little bit? How about these little weights? We can really get going with these now, right? Haha. This is six pounds. Oh, well, let's throw away one of them. Now we just have one of them. Okay, that's three pounds, guess what? One of these weights is still weighs more than one Undercool. All right. So let's get to some other things. Since I got the ski boot. You also have to you know, if you're gonna go skiing, you need one of these two, which is a cast for when you break your ankle and your leg just like I did. So how much do you think a soft sided cast weighs? As the drumroll is three pounds, it is three pounds. And it takes two of these garments. Wearing double garments to equal one skiing accident. So let's see. Let's move on to something else. How about my motorcycle helmet? And I won't put it on and fashion it for you because you know, I'm not that crazy. So how much do you think that weighs? It is three pounds. So once again, it is more than one Undercool. All right, let's keep it moving. Let's see. How about let's get something difficult. How about a one quart of half and half or any gallon or quart of milk, whatever, you know, liquids, they're always weigh more than you think they're going to. It's two pounds and three ounces. Now is that going to weigh more than an Undercool? Actually, it weighs as much as two Undercools with the Slimcool packs. Some cool packs are so light that you can wear two of these, compared to just carrying one of these. Alright, let's move on. Let's go rollerblading. What do you think? One rollerblade skate? How much do you think that weighs? Is three pounds 10 ounces. This is the skate is lighter than the helmet. So you know, I don't know, maybe you should probably wear both together. But, you know, however you like to do things. So once again, that is to under cools with ExtendedCool packs. All right, let's make it really difficult. What if we were going to put on a heavy ski sweater? You know, we're up here in Rochester. We get 90 to 120 inches of snow a year. So we really like to bundle up a good old ski sweater. How much do you think that weighs? It weighs two pounds, three ounces. That is the equivalent? Oh, I'm sorry, I totally screwed that. It's one pound, six ounces, one pound six ounces. So what do you think? Which which weighs more? Which is going to be if you guessed the sweater? You're right. All right. Moving on. So you want to go for a bike ride? Well, you got to protect your dome. How much do you think the bike helmet weighs? It weighs 10 ounces, it's actually very light that is the equivalent to two of the SlimCool packs. So that's basically half a vest. All right, let's get down to something that you carry all the time. How about an iPhone versus the undercooled the iPhone is one pound, two ounces. So you know that actually is just a little bit lighter than this Undercool with the SlimCool packs. So as always, around here, we like to eat and as you can see from my physique. So how does Undercool stack up against slices of bread? Tell you what. And we don't quite have 19 slices here because I got hungry but we have quite a few slices but it takes 19 slices of bread to equal 100 cool with the slim cool packs now how light is that? You know, we all like to have a little more bread in our pack our pockets. So let's get even crazier. So let's get even crazier. Oh, hang on. This is why we do it live because it makes it so much fun How about Oreo double stuffs? Yeah, looking good. Ha. It takes nine double stuff Oreos to equal one of our cooling packs. Now who wouldn't want to carry around an extra Oreo? One SlimCool pack What do you guys think? Three eggs was just gonna when the eggs are the pack? Guess what? The ExtendedCool pack. How about a good old coffee? Good old cup of oops. Good old cup of coffee. Do you know of one? This mug of coffee full of coffee is the equivalent of just being slightly lighter than an under cool with the SlimCool packs. So how's that a cup of coffee? Well, we have one last thing a couple last things here good old TV remote. How much do you think your TV remote is? It's pretty damn light. Oops it's six ounces so we have that is the equivalent to one of the ExtendedCool packs and they're almost the same size to actually our packs are a little a lot thinner anyway. And one last thing, which do you think would win the Undercool vs. a MacBook Air? The lightest laptop on the market. SlimCool wins again by several ounces. All right. So there we got it. This is one of the reasons we're so obsessed with weight. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to like us. Be keep in touch with us on Facebook. Call us, email us."

  • Backpack - 13 lbs = 8 UnderCool’s with ExtendedCool Cooling Packs
  • 1 Gallon of Milk - 8 lb = 5.5 UnderCool’s with ExtendedCool Cooling Packs
  • Ski Boot - 5 lb 2oz = 4 UnderCool’s with SlimCool Cooling Packs
  • Hand Weights - 12 lb = 10 UnderCool’s with SlimCool Cooling Packs
  • Motorsport Helmet - 3lb 13 oz = 2 UnderCool’s with ExtendedCool Cooling Packs
  • Half and Half - 2 lb 3 oz = 2 UnderCool’s with SlimCool Cooling Packs
  • Coffee Mug with Coffee - 1lb 2 oz = UnderCool with SilmCool Cooling Packs
  • 19 Slices of Bread - 1 lb 5 oz = 1 UnderCool with SlimCool Cooling Packs
  • Bike Helmet - 10 oz = 2 SlimCool Cooling Packs
  • 3 Eggs - 6 oz = 1 ExtendedCool Cooling Packs
  • TV Remote - 6 oz = 1 ExtendedCool Cooling Packs
  • 9 Double Stuff Oreos - 5 oz = 1 SlimCool Cooling Pack