ThermApparel Cooling Packs can be recharged 3 different ways. Fridge, freezer and ice water. Watch Julia show you the 3 different ways and then watch and listen to Brad explain the difference in this quick 4 min video and learn that your mom was right, don't eat and talk at the same time–especially on video. laugh

Transcript of video:

Hey everybody! this is Julia from ThermApparel. In this video, we're going to talk about how to cool your cooling packs because there's three different ways to do it. The first way is you can actually just freeze the whole vest. Really important is just making sure that you close the velcro so it doesn't get all snagged and painful. The best way to fold it is just fold it like an accordion like it came to you in the box. So fold it on top of each other, and then fold it in half. Lay it flat, fold the outer two on top to each other, just fold it in half. Now you can take it just like this and you can put it in the frigde or freezer if you want. I like to put mine into a ziploc bag or grocery sack just to keep it from smelling like a freezer, or from getting frost burn or anything like that. So ziploc. Make sure that it is folded like accordion and nice and straight. And then put it straight in the fridge or the freezer. That's the other cool thing about our packs. You don't have to use just the freezer, you can put these into the fridge and they will freeze up too. Now you can do the same thing you can take your vest, fold it up, put it into a bag and put it into the fridge. Or you can just take your packs, and just lay them in the fridge. In about an hour, they'll be cold and ready to go. In the freezer about 45 minutes, and it'll be ready to go. But the neatest thing about our packs is that you can freeze them, re-freeze them in ice water. I'm not kidding, just regular ice water. It takes about 20 minutes. Now this is the fastest way to do it. Obviously not this method with a cup/glass, but ice water is the fastest way to get them frozen. And I'm gonna leave this in here for about 20 minutes and then we'll come back and I'll show you it.
All right, it's been about 20 minutes, 18 and a half 19 minutes somewhere in there. Sucker sitting right in the sun too. There you go. Solid, ready to put in your vest. That ice water was even starting to cool the middle pocket even though it wasn't in the ice water. And this one this is normal. This is just half frozen. So when they first come out of the freezer or the really, really cold they'll look like this and then they slowly do this and then they go to liquid and when they're liquid, it's time to refreeze them. So thanks for watching. Catch us on the next one. Stay cool. We'll see you soon.

Transcript of video:

Hi, everybody, I'm Brad with ThermApparell. And we've had a lot of questions recently about how to charge your cooling packs and what the differences between our SlimCool's and ExtendedCool's. And I just wanted to get on here and talk to everyone about the differences between the two and all the different ways that you can recharge them and freeze them. 
So first off, we have two sets of cooling packs. Move my prop for later out of the way. The SlimCool and the ExtendedCool. So the SlimCool here is really thin and the ExtendedCool is also really thin but a little bit thicker, and a little bit heavier, but it'll also last you about an hour longer of staying cool. We like to say that the the SlimCool is the thickness of an Oreo. I might eat this later in the video. And the ExtendedCool is just a little bit thicker. It's the radius the of a dime here so you can kind of see the difference and just how thick the two packs are. They're both really thin. And now I'm going to take a bite of this because I missed breakfast this morning. So, actually, my mom always told me not to eat and talk at the same time. So I'm failing at that right now.
So this is a frozen pack and this is an unfrozen pack, you'll see the unfrozen ones are clear. And when they start to kind of fall out, and as they're being used, they will turn from this into this. Once they're at this state, it's really important to make sure you put them back in the fridge or freezer to get them to freeze again. So that way, they'll help cool your body down. You can do the fridge, the freezer or even ice water if you're out at a sporting event. So we're gonna throw this one in here. And as I talk, we'll see if it freezes up any. In the fridge, the packs will take about an hour to freeze. In the freezer, it'll take about 45 minutes. And if you put them in ice water, this full pack that's under water here will totally freeze up. If we left it in there for 20 minutes, it'll be totally frozen and good to go. We've heard lots of stories of people using it at sporting events, where they just you know, maybe they're playing softball or something. And they'll take it offafter they're up to bat and put it in a cooler. And by the time they have to go back out onto the field, it is all good to go ready and refrozen for them, which is awesome. A helpful little tip with that is actually wearing your vest inside out so you don't even have to take the vest off, you can kind of slide the packs in and out as you go. So even right now you'll see as I pull it out, this is starting to freeze, it's already changed colors and become opaque. It's still soft, because the inside still hasn't frozen. But just in that one minute, it was able to re freeze a little bit.
One thing to be aware of too is that, you know, because there's all these different ways of freezing the packs back up and recharging them for what you need. You can kind of customize how you want the vest to feel. If you are at a, you know, if you're going traveling long distance you can put it in the freezer, and keep it next to you in the car or whatever and not wear it and it'll still be frozen ready to go when you get to where you need to. If you want to put it on right away, we actually recommend putting it in the fridge and that way it'll be frozen, it'll still last just as long or almost as long, and it won't be like super chilly when you go and put it on It'll be cold, but it won't be "oh my gosh!" cold right it won't be giving you the chills for a couple of minutes before it gets to seventy degree temperature. 
So those are just a couple tips for from us, for you. And feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions on the Undercool on the cooling packs, or the just the difference between the SlimCools and the ExtendedCools. I hope this was helpful and looking forward to talking to you more. 


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