Guest blog by David Lyons

"As we enter into a New Year with resolutions to get into a fitness program, there is much to consider.

  • How do I follow an exercise program?
  • What works for MS?
  • What trainer really knows how to work with the MS community?

You see, exercise for overcoming MS limitations is not just a matter of doing exercises. Unfortunately with MS we must engage our bodies in the important processes needed to get ahead of our disease, not just do random exercises. You must follow a proven exercise program that activates muscle fibers and engages the brain to muscle reconnection your MS body must have while activating neuroplasticity for the nervous system.

So, in a nutshell, doing functional exercises and cookie cutter fitness programs that do not engage the proper science to combat MS…WILL NOT WORK for any significant and long-term benefits or results in regaining strength, mobility and an overall feeling of well-being.

I developed a specific exercise program for MS using my 40+ years as a recognized fitness expert, 15 years with MS. It is the ONLY MS exercise program created by a MSer and has been voted The Most Comprehensive MS Fitness Program in the world by Global Health & Pharma for 2021 and 2022.

The science behind my OptimalBody Training Program for MS is evident and the confirmation is in the results from everyone who follows the system. I am living proof as I was told by the doctors that I would be wheelchair bound when I was diagnosed yet I have never sat in a wheelchair other than to demonstrate my program! You can’t hear that fact from any other trainer or MS exercise program. Here is a link to read all about the science behind OptimalBody, my credentials and some of the hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials from those using the program:"

 by David Lyons

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