We met James at the Northern Lights Santa Academy in Atlanta Georgia where he was selling his Mountain Man Beard Products to Santa's. After trying our ThermApparel Cooling Vest James fell in love with it and had to have 2 for his Santa business and when he drives his ATV for his Mountain Man Sasquatch Tours.

Recently James let us know how much he loves his vest and how much it saved him. James owns a land grading business and survived 104-degree Georgia heat in his dump truck when the air conditioning broke.



Transcript of video:

Hey, this is James. So you see my big green dump truck here? Well, our conditioner ain't working. So I'm trying it out today. We're gonna put it on and see how long it stays cool. I'll keep you informed. All right.

Hey, it's James a mountain man. So I've got my cooling vest on, headed over two hours. The outside temperature right now is 94 degrees here in Georgia this morning, one of the hottest days we've had yet. It's August the 24. Heat index, whatever the heck get means, is 104. But my back is still just as cool as whenever I started two hours ago. Inside the truck, I'm not exactly sure what the temperature is. It's probably going 95 to 98 degrees. By this time yesterday running the truck I was already a zombie. So I've still got a little bit of sense to me, I'm going to be able to continue to hold and I'll give you another report here in about I guess at about the three-hour mark because I really thought that the best would already be getting warm by now. But it's fun it's still just as cool. And the other good thing is is the vest does not sweat so there's no water running down in my butt crack and down the back of underwear and my shirt's not getting wet and my seats not getting wet. So, so far, so good. 

I made it four hours. I just stopped and had a drink. So I was able to stay comfortable in a truck that's about 95 degrees for four hours with the cooling vest. There's definitely a big difference. So I'm real proud that I bought two of them cooling vests at the Santa conference. Hey, it's the mountain man and I love you, Jesus loves you, and ain't gonna do about it. Bye bye. 


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