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Looney Juney is here. June is one of our favorite moths of the year because it has the longest day of the year. The summer solstice has been celebrated from ancient times to now. We like to think of it as the shiniest day off the year, think of it, more Sun = more Fun so get up and get out and enjoy it (as long as it is not too hot, and if it is then take your UnderCool with you) all jokes aside please be safe out there, getting hurt or worse is no fun.

It has been a jam-packed month at ThermApparel. WOW! Nashville TN WOW! What a town. If you haven’t been you should go. Truth be told we am not big country music fans so a few of us was a little leery. Did we say WOW! yet? Everywhere we went had LIVE music and it was unbelievably good, and the food ….OMG…the food was as good as the music. We might have overdosed on hot chicken, banana pudding, chicken fried steak, shrimp and grits. And we may or may not have gained a little wait on our trip (thank goodness, our UnderCools are a little stretchy.) A big shout out to everyone in Nashville! You have a wonderful town, are very kind and are the hostess with the mostest. 

 What is all the talk about Nashville? We participated in CMSC (Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers). This was our first time participating and we are looking forward too many more to come. The conference was amazing. We were blow away by the number of incredibly brilliant, caring and, empathetic people from all over the word that are working to help people with MS. It was inspiring to meet so many people like, Mr. Oscar MonkeyPMSA, Yoga Moves MS, the National MS SocietyAustralia MS AllianceSteele Cooling VestBiogenMSAAMSF and the wonderful people at the VA and the PVA. We can’t wait for Seattle 2019. Thank you to everyone who came and spoke with us and tried on an UnderCool Cooling Vest. 

Not only did we make new friends we learned a lot and had a fabulous time; in our book, this is called a triple. We learned about the new efforts in many different areas of MS. It was mind blowing. Drum roll please … (pause to build anticipation) … Exercise is good for MS! Ok we may have over built the punch line a little but if you are not new to the newsletter this is what we are all about. ((Dave Bexfield beat us to the punch on this one in his newsletter (We highly recommend Dave Bexfield’s blog it’s a must read)). But really this is big news!! Exercise is good for MS! On that note, we learned of a newly released 30-year study from Europe that found a 30 to 40% increase in the chances of having an autoimmune disease due to stress. So basically, to over simplify, there is now proof that STRESS can physically change your body and the immune system. It also showed people who dealt with their stress and or took anti-depressants lowered their risk. SO, GO HAVE FUN it is part of a healthy life style. For us FUN is one of our core beliefs. Laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh.

Now I Can. amazing stories from customers

"UnderCool is the One… I searched the web to find a cooling vest and found most to be bulky, heavy, had to be worn on the outside of your clothing for fear of damaging your skin from the ice and most were rather expensive.

I was able to try the UnderCool at an MS Walk and thought how easy this was to put on, not heavy or bulky and comfortable to wear “under” your clothing. Knew I had to have one of these.

I use my Under Cool while I rake leaves, do yard work, walk around at different outdoor events (like a car show), used while I refinish/sand wood moldings and/or furniture and even have used it indoor during hot and humid days.  It is comfortable, easy to put on and take off, I have a set of packs cooling in fridge while I’m using a set in the vest. I especially like that I can wear under my clothing and no one knows that I have it on. It keeps me cool enough to give me a few extra hours of energy to do more."  

Thank you

Patti, New York

"ThermApparel is 100% better than the bulky outer cooling vest I have been using for years! I don't have to remove the cool packs to refreeze! I just roll up the whole vest, slim cool packs and all, into a package about the size of a sandwich, and pop it into the freezer for a couple hours. It will even freeze the cool packs solid in the refrigerator if there isn't room in the freezer.

I can get the vest on and off with no problems despite my MS affected hands, and it is incredibly light. I could wear the vest under my shirt and have it disappear completely, but I generally wear it over a t-shirt so that I can easily toss it into the freezer while I am at home. In every way, a great improvement in cooling technology!"

Mark - Kansas

what can you do now?

making it better

As part of the "Making It Better" section this month, we would like to tell you about a growing pain we had. What?! What company publicly talks about the negative experiences they have as they grow! We do! We strive to be transparent…

As part of our loony month we launched our second product, the White UnderCool. Unfortunately, it did not go accordingly to plan exactly. (Murphy might have been an optimist on this one). 

We were first delayed by a miscommunication with the cooling packs, then delayed by a fabric problem. The fabric we ordered was to be bright white but what we received was ivory. The sides and binding were the bright white like we wanted, but the fabric on the front and back was a light ivory. We got the situation straightened out but wouldn’t be getting bright white until mid-July. 

We didn’t want to make everyone wait again, we weren’t sure what to do. This isn’t what we ordered or promised, so, in an effort to get the cooling relief out to our customers and in good faith we called and emailed everyone who had ordered a white vest and told them what was going on. A few wanted to wait for the white, and the majority said ivory was good with them. 

We hope (good things come to those who wait) everyone is sitting pretty on the beach or at the game in their new Ivory UnderCools. Thank you to everyone who waited and thank you to everyone for working with us to get you the cooling relief you need. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Shop White and Black UnderCool

did you know kids get MS too?

We sure didn't know! Although MS occurs most commonly in adults, it is also diagnosed in children and adolescents. Estimates suggest that 8,000-10,000 children (up to 18 years old) in the United States have MS, and another 10,000-15,000 have experienced at least one symptom suggestive of MS. (info via the MS Society)

We spent time with Mr. Oscar Monkey and his creator Emily Blosberg. Oscar was created by Emily who, when diagnosed at the age of 15, found it difficult to find other teens walking her MS path. We are looking forward to having one of Oscar's Buddies in the office soon. 

 Find out how Mr. Oscar Monkey helps kids with MS

Childhood MS may represent up to 10% of all MS cases. In the US, it is estimated that up to 10,000 children have multiple sclerosis. Although the clinical profile of MS appears similar to that seen in adults, several features may differ and specific issues arise in children. Younger patients with MS are more likely than adults to have seizures, brainstem, and cerebellar symptoms. Children with MS may have fewer T2 hyperintense areas on MRI scans, therefore not meeting MRI criteria established for adults. 

The people at PMSA came and talked to us about the need for cooling vests for kids with MS. It gave us insight into an aspect of MS that we were unaware of. By building these relationships we can work together to create more things to help more people.

Find out how PMSA helps kids with MS

tips & tricks

As everyone is taking their summer vacations (yahoo). We have been getting questions about flying with your UnderCool. So, here’s the skinny. We don’t recommend wearing a strange vest with solid /liquid packs under your clothing to go through TSA security at any airport. This is a really bad idea. We don’t want to see you on the news…if you know what we mean... we want you to go on vacation. We do recommend that you put your UnderCool in your checked luggage or ship it to your destination. We have heard stories from customers that kept it in their carry-on luggage but the packs were in the frozen-solid state. WE DO NOT recommend this but if you are gambler at heart who are we to stop you :) 

TSA guidelines


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