Last month ThermApparel was selected as a finalist for an Addressing Unmet Needs in MS: An Innovation Challenge. The event was sponsored by Celgene and Lyfebulb, (an awesome company whose mission is to reduce the burden of many chronic diseases through the empowerment of patients)

This month we traveled to Celgene's Headquarters in New Jersey to talk about the UnderCool, learn about all the great work the other finalists were doing, and pitch "Sharktank style" for a $25,000 prize.  The ten finalists featured a wide range of exciting technologies and problems.  Some had products already available for use and others are still in the development phase. I would like to congratulate Kinza Kasher on winning the $25,000 prize to make a communication device for patients and caregivers. Quick shout out for two other finalists whom I thought had very interesting and problem solving technologies:

1) AXSMap, which is a crowd sourced mobile and web site that rates the accessibility of a venue for people living with disabilities. I believe they are working on an Ap version currently :)

2) C. Light Technologies, which uses advanced eye tracking to, in the future, help with diagnosis and care in MS patients.