Newsletter - June 2019

Published June 28, 2019 614 Views

cool news It’s hard to swoon over June if you are living with heat sensitivity. Our goal at ThermApparel is to help bring balance between living a full life and living with a chronic illness. In celebration of the first day of summer the UnderCool Bundle is ON SALE, 15%, off for 3 days,...

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Newsletter - May 2019

Published May 1, 2019 559 Views

cool news “May” I have your attention please. Lol… pun aside May is a great month at ThermApparel. Spring is bouncing along in Upstate NY and for our friends in the south and west it has sprung. Please remember all the safety tips for the heat, take it slow a...

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Newsletter - April 2019

Published April 1, 2019 494 Views

cool news cool news Change is in the air, winter has changed to spring and for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere it’s time for cooler temps and the change to winter.   Here at ThermApparel we like change, especially Phase Change (that is the i...

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Newsletter - March 2019

Published March 1, 2019 529 Views

cool news  March is madness month for basketball fans, but also for St.Patrick's Day, Pi Day and our favorite Daylight Savings Day. Daylight savings is the first indicator that spring is on the way and time to make OUTSIDE plans!  Most importantly March is MS Awareness Month;...

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Newsletter - February 2019

Published February 1, 2019 497 Views

cool news for cool people cool news. I have heard February described as the month of night. According to the Washington Post, February is one of the most disliked month of the year.  As usual we see this as an opportunity to make February a more liked month. Many studies...

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Newsletter - January 2019

Published January 1, 2019 554 Views

cool news January brings to mind Sunshine, the fresh smell of warm ocean air, beautiful sandy beaches that stretch to the horizon, cool drinks with little umbrellas, time off, family, friends, and vacation. Wait, what? That’s not January? It is if you live in Australia.  Be...

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Newsletter - December 2018

Published December 1, 2018 444 Views

People helping people is how accessibility happens.  Thank you for helping us. We look forward to helping you.  Together we make the world a cooler place. The holidays are here, whether you love them or hate them there’s no getting around them. ThermApparel has a special...

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Newsletter - November 2018

Published November 1, 2018 470 Views

play cool. stay cool. As we fall into November, those of us in the US. begin to think about the Thanksgiving holiday. The holiday to celebrate the bountiful harvest of the years hard work and we ask ourselves, what we are thankful for.  I am thankful for chicken broth and Jello, let...

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Newsletter - October 2018

Published October 1, 2018 550 Views

play cool. stay cool. Most of us think of October as the scariest month but we know for people living with heat sensitivity October can be one of the best times of year. Wouldn’t it be funny to celebrate Halloween in July? Now that’s scary!... at least for those of us in the North...

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Newsletter - September 2018

Published September 1, 2018 440 Views

play cool. stay cool. Now that we are past Labor Day and school is back in session, summer fun seems to be in the rear view mirror; but is it? Just last week we still had temps in the upper 80’s and low 90’s. I know the mental space is for us to prepare for winter and not buy anot...

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