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As we fall into November, those of us in the US. begin to think about the Thanksgiving holiday. The holiday to celebrate the bountiful harvest of this year's hard work and we ask ourselves, what we are thankful for.

Now. I. Can amazing stories from customers.

NOW. I. CAN. Three simple words. Now I Can came about through the power of stories from our customers. People were now able to do things that they couldn't do before. These stories all started "Because of my UnderCool NOW I CAN" 

These stories are why we get up in the morning, they are the inspiration that drives ThermApparel. Please tell us your Now I Can story… share your now I can moment

thank you!

We don’t have 1 Now I Can story for you this month we have many. Last month we were a vendor at the Health and Wellness Expo sponsored by MS Resources of Central New York. It was an amazing 3 hours of non-stop talking and demos of the UnderCool. Many new customers and many return customers want extra packs, and extra garments and want to tell us their Now I Can stories. We were overwhelmed with how much the UnderCool is changing people's lives.

One woman was able to spend the summer at the lake with her family for the first time ever, another was able to take dancing lessons with her husband. One person used the UnderCool to help her face when she had her wisdom teeth removed… what can you do now?

making it better

As this is the season for Thanksgiving, we would like to thank you for all your kind words, testimonials, and help this year.  As a symbol of the fall harvest, it is also a time for us to “harvest” all of your thoughts on the UnderCool.

 We are always striving to improve and your thoughts help us with that greatly!  

Many of you received an email from us this month with a survey. Thank you to everyone who responded. We will be sending out the survey again shortly so be on the lookout if you haven’t seen it or do it right now here.  Everyone that does fill out the survey will receive a promo code for $10.00 off your next order, to show our appreciation.

One of the big takeaways from the survey so far is the need for longer-lasting packs. We are currently working with our manufacturers on this. So be on the lookout for both slim, secret packs and some slightly bigger, longer-lasting packs offered for the UnderCool next summer :)

black friday sale! November 23 - November 26, 2018

You or a loved ones cooling needs may be back on the beach from last summer, but that doesn't mean it isn't the perfect time to save on the perfect item for next summer, or use your UnderCool for other things like exercising and visiting gma in her 80˚F house for the holidays. Speaking of which we were pleasantly surprised by how many of you are using your UnderCool regularly during the winter months in our recent  survey.

We are thankful to have been able to help so many people this past year and we would like to thank you in a cool way… how does the lowest price of the year sound? 25% off everything! That's it. Get extra packs, help pay for shipping overseas, Get a ThermApparel gift card to give the coolest gift of the year.


ThermApparel is a small business making big waves in the heat sensitivity world by designing the first lightweight, comfortable and invisible cooling vest, UnderCool. Check us out online, on our blog, or on FacebookTwitter, PinterestLinkedIn and Instagram.

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