Help us Create a Space for People to Share Tips, Learn, and Discuss MS and its Wide-ranging Difficulties.

ThermApparel and MS Fitness Challenge are joining forces to #RIPUPMS. We are helping by raising awareness, sharing techniques, and telling the world your stories of overcoming big and small obstacles that people living with MS face every day.

Because we know MS affects everyone differently, show the world how special you are. It's time to brag a little about your accomplishments. That's why we are laying down the gauntlet to YOU.  

Step 1. WRITE DOWN 1 OBSTACLE you have overcome on the paper template below. 

Step 2. MAKE A 30-SECOND VIDEO of you RIPPING-THAT-OBSTACLE-UP while explaining how you overcame it.

Step 3. POST YOUR VIDEO on your social media platforms using the unique and brand-new hashtag #RIPUPMS.

These videos will create a space for people to learn about the difficulties of MS, discuss tricks tips and give hope to others. But hurry because #RIPUPMS is only last through August 2021. Be sure to share your video with as many people as possible and encourage others to share their accomplishments so we can grow this community and health resource.

Remember, the obstacle doesn't need to be complicated; ANYTHING that is an obstacle to YOU in your life works; no obstacle is too big or small. Maybe it is blow-drying your hair, making dinner, going for a walk, or starting a fitness program. Get those VIDEOS posted to help #RIPUPMS with ThermApparel and the MS Fitness Challenge so everyone can live the best life possible. 

Download the #RIPUPMS Templatefor your 30-second video.

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Thank you from all of us at ThermApparel and the MS Fitness Challenge