Watch Alison rip up keeping active.

One obstacle I've been able to overcome even though I have MS is keeping active and that means for me finding different things. Since my struggle is with my leg and walking, I had to find other activities such as kayaking. So I'm gonna rip that up, RIP us MS. 

“Avoiding aids so you don’t look disabled? That’s human. Using those aids to keep living and exploring life? That’s smart.”- Unknown

A couple examples?I use a leg brace to help if I need to walk longer distances or on uneven ground. I use a  cooling vest and  cooling neck wrap to help me deal with heat sensitivity. These aids help keep active and for that I am forever grateful.

I came across this quote several years back and it really struck a cord. I printed it out and taped it to my wall. I don’t think of myself as disabled or look like a typical disabled person (which pretty much doesn’t exist by the way) but there were times I realized I needed help with certain things.

ThermApparel is currently doing a  challenge to show that even when you have MS you can still overcome challenges, whether big or small. They asked if I would make a video to show an obstacle I have overcome. I was happy to join them because they are great people, but more so because I know when I was first diagnosed I thought the worst- clearly it meant I was going to have to live a very sedentary life and was bound to end up in a wheelchair in a very short period of time. I’m thankful to say I have been able to keep active and work hard to stay as healthy as I can. I hope others see this, especially those newly diagnosed or struggling with mobility or keeping active, and it gives them . 


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