Road Trip!

I am very lucky to have experienced road trips both as a driver and as a passenger. Whether it was 48-hour expeditions from Kansas to Mexico or a day trip to Syracuse, there's something freeing in just climbing into a car and driving for a change of scenery.

What's better than open roads and open skies? Exactly. So hit the road and let's go!

Tip #1: Pack accordingly

Road trips don't have to be weeks-long epic journeys, so don't pack like you're leaving home forever. Just take the essentials! If you are going to be traveling on the road for a while, it'll be a relief to not haul around tons of bags everywhere. (And you'll definitely be grateful for the extra legroom.)

Tip #2: Take breaks

It should go without saying that drivers need to take breaks from long stretches of driving, but the same can be said for passengers. Take a 30-minute break every 2-3 hours to walk around and let your blood properly circulate. The same goes for your mind! Take a mental break from the road by playing games--- preferably ones that do not strain your eyes (try to avoid screens). Even switching seats can help break up the monotony of a long drive!

Tip #3: Drink water

I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but water really does solve all of your problems. Hate the way your feet swell after a long drive? Drink more water. Hate how driving makes your head hurt? Drink more water. Hate how your eyes dry up at the end of the day? Drink more water!

Tip #4: Rest well

Not be confused with Tip #2, resting is different than taking short breaks. Resting means giving your body actual rest, some physical peace to its existence. Driving can be stressful to both mind and body so it's important to get some actual rest--- basically sleep well. The investment in a hotel bed vs camping on the floor is well worth it for some peace of body and mind. Don't skimp on your eight hours of sleep either! Remember that your safety and that of your loved ones are top priority.

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