Here at ThermApparel we usually busy ourselves with keeping people cool so they can go out and enjoy outdoor activities. However, this winter storm has us singing a different tune. Upstate New York has been declared in a state of emergency and a city-wide travel ban has been placed on Rochester. It's important to take these events seriously to avoid accidents or other tragedies.

Here's some general tips to stay safe during a winter storm:

  • Stay indoors--- if you must venture outside, dress warmly in multiple layers and cover your nose, ears, and hands
  • Don't drive--- just don't. The snow is projected to fall faster than the city can clear and visibility will be low. If you MUST drive then completely clear your vehicle of snow and ice and keep your tank as full as possible. Drive slowly and remain on alert. Do not travel alone.
  • Prepare for the worst--- have candles and other emergency supplies on hand in case the power goes out.
  • Treat yourself--- eat and drink regularly to stay refreshed and hydrated. And it helps keep your body warm!

After the storm:

  • Do not overwork yourself! Take breaks while shoveling or contact a service to shovel for you.
  • Avoid driving until roads are clear again.
  • Call your neighbors to make sure they're okay!

We hope this simple guide helps.

Remember, stay safe!