"I’m chronically ill, but most of the time I’m healthy too. I strive to accept my limitations while always trying to maximize my capabilities. I believe in working hard, and playing harder. I’ve learned to say “No” and to take time to rest and give my body what it needs. I’m quirky and colorful - it even extends to my hair and glasses.

My UnderCool has made a difference for me in so many ways. I have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and heat and sweating trigger my reactions. My UnderCool has been a vital tool in helping to decrease this trigger.

I live in the piedmont area of NC, so it’s often hot and humid. Just stepping outside would often trigger me. Now I’m able to tolerate being outside longer, and in higher temperatures. Additionally, I’ve been able to tolerate some exercise (indoors or outdoors). This greatly improves my overall health and quality of life."

~ Carla Gene

Occupation: Advanced Practice Nurse, Researcher, Educator, Writer, Editor,Consultant

Weekday Time Out: “dancing in the living room” - put on music and actually dance if I have energy or at least sit and tap feet/nod head.

Favorite Tune: Paper Trail from Caper Clowns album A Salty Taste to the Lake

Rest Days are For: listening to music or podcasts, reading.

Did It Anyway: trip to Denmark and England over 3 months in summer before I got my UnderCool vest. It was exhausting, and hot (little air conditioning in either country). But it was also awesome and wonderful and I’m so glad I did it.

Last Adventure: August 2019 trip to village I grew up in (Blowing Rock, NC) where over several days I hiked some of my favorite trails (something I could do again because of my UnderCool vest and second set of ice packs!)


>> Check it out! Carla Gene is wearing her ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest in this picture!

The vest weighs less than 2 lbs, is very comfortable and when worn under clothing it's practically invisible.<<

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