Meet Toni

She lives in northern Michigan, and has Primary Progressive MS. She was a physical education teacher, coached basketball and was a very active person. Because of her MS she experiences severe fatigue that is paralyzing to her life. Her life suddenly went from full energy to taking a shower and being totally exhausted by 8:30 in the morning. 

"MS is such a tiring disease. I was a very physical person, I was a physical educator, I was a coach, outdoor person and with climate change, Michigan has become very warm. I couldn't go outside. I couldn't last, I would go outside for 10 - 20 minutes doing something and I would be totally exhausted. The ThermApparel Cooling Vest made a world of difference. A huge world of difference. It gave me my life back. I know that sounds a little dramatic. But I could now do things with my family and my wife that I couldn't do before."

Toni's ThermApparel Cooling Vest of choice

Adventure Bundle 
2 Small White Vest Garments
2 Sets of ExtendedCool Cooling Packs

Toni's Now I Can Story

"I was able to be a tourist. My vacation happened and that was special."


Transcript from Toni's video:

Hi my name is Toni and I live in northern Michigan, and I have Primary Progressive MS. I'd like to talk about the ThermApparel Cooling Vest that has changed my life.

Because of MS I have experienced fatigue, that at some point in time, paralyzed me. I mean I wasn't really paralyzed, but it's just I'm a very active person. I was a physical education teacher, I coached basketball and all of a suddenly my life went from full energy to taking a shower and being totally exhausted by 8:30 in the morning.

I heard about ThermApparel and their cooling vest and thought, you know, anything that will help me make my day last longer, or let me do things with my friends and family, I need to try this.

I purchased the cooling vest so that I could go to my niece's wedding in Texas. Now Michigan to Texas, is a big heat change. 100˚F in Texas meant that I probably couldn't do much of anything. But I took the Cooling Vest and extra Cooling Packs and I enjoyed family and friends and actually Austin. I  could do things, I could be a tourist, instead of sitting in the room where the air conditioning was. My vacation happened and that was special. That was very special to be with family.

But it's also very special in everyday life in Michigan. With the temperatures climbing all over the world there would be days when I couldn't go out and garden, or I couldn't walk downtown or I couldn't spend an afternoon with my friends who were maybe at a park.

Having the Cooling Vest literally has changed my life because I can do things now. I can last outside for more than a half an hour and not have to go find a shade tree or have to go into the air conditioning.

I have the extra Cooling Packs that I can change, so if I have an all day event, I take them with me and when one gets squishy I put the other set on and I'm ready to go. I can go for an afternoon and an evening instead of having to say, "you know, I can only do one or the other." I can even go in the afternoon or I can go in the evening. Now I can do both and that has been fantastic for me.

I would recommend this to anybody who has a disease where the heat affects them. It has been wonderful for me, and I'm so thankful for ThermApparel for what they have given me. They helped me prolong my time that I can spend with family and friends.


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