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Ben is a father of two wonderful daughters, has been happily married for 26 years and is a project manager for a major tire company. He enjoys CrossFit but when his MS hit everything changed for him. He was able to adapt his CrossFit sessions to something that he is able to do and his next challenge is getting back as close to what he could do before MS. Rest days are for cheat meals and he would never say no to chocolate. (neither would we Ben, neither would we. : )

Tips for recharging your cooling packs when you are at a large event from Ben. 

"There is always going to be a first aid station or a paramedic station and if you go up to them and tell them what's going on they can help. They let me recharge my cooling packs in their coolers of ice water."

I've been able to go to interactive events. I went to the Grand Prix race here in Nashville with my vest on. It was a very hot day. I know for a fact that if I didn't have that vest I would have suffered greatly.

What's cool about it is those cooling packs they cool so quickly It dawned on me that I was getting hot. I could tell the cooling packs were starting to get a little bit soft.

The GrandPrix had all their medical tents and they had these huge coolers of ice water out front. So I just asked the guy if I could stick my cooling packs in the cooler. I explained to him what was going on and they let me just stick my cooling packs in the ice water.

They take 20 minutes to get hard again. So for 20 minutes I was just sitting there talking to the paramedics drinking the water, which was definitely helpful and then I was ready to pack them back in and go.

Ben's ThermApparel Cooling Vest of choice

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Ben's Now I Can story

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Hello, my name is Ben. I live in Tennessee and I have a MS. I am a recent diagnosi at age 51 last July [2021]. MS is a different journey for different MS patients, as they would all agree. We all have some similarities, heat issues and things of that nature. But then we also have our differences and our differences tend to fall where our lesions end up being located on our spine. Mine happen to be on my cervical spine. So on top of the heat related issues that I have, I have issues with balance and I also have issues with understanding where I am in a room. Meaning if I have a glass door beside me, I might not realize that it's right beside me and I'll turn around and I'll walk right into it. It leads to a couple of good laughs and jokes in our room from time to time, but other than that, it's pretty annoying. 

Prior to MS I was a pretty fit and active person. I've done CrossFit since I was 40. So it's 11 years now. But I did it as a dare at first and it just kind of stuck. Got me into the shape that I had always wanted to be in. I was able to hit weight goals in terms of both my physical weight as well as weights that I could lift. But once MS hit everything changed for me the heat really started to affect me, obviously as you work out, you're going to get hot. 

Once I get hot, I get really dizzy to the point where I have to sit down and it takes me a minute to cool off and so obviously that's going to impact you when you're doing any type of work or whether that be running or lifting weights or the combination of such which is what CrossFit is.  So that was quite frustrating for me. 

Another issue that I have is I do my own yard work. I love to be out in the yard but obviously being out in the sun with MS isn't usually a good combination. It usually took me roughly an hour-ish to get my yard done but once the MS started to take hold, you're looking at two hours plus. I have to stop a lot, take breaks and drink a lot of water. 

I was looking for something to help me stay cool and I'd heard of cooling shirts, cooling vests, cooling this, cooling that and I didn't understand it at the time because MS was new to me. So my doctor had given me a couple of companies to look at, ThermApparel being one of them. 

I went to a lot of MS websites, started asking questions about, you know, here's what I'm looking for. Here are my challenges, here's what the solution I'm looking for is: Have any of you had any experiences with products that help you, and your vest [ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest]  kept coming up and up, So I looked it up. 

For what I wanted to do some [other] vests are kind of big and I didn't think  that would be a very good thing to wear when I was working out or working out in the yard. I know that we had spoken and some people do wear it at work, I'd haven't gotten to that point yet. Your vest [ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest] is small enough that it can actually be hidden under clothing, you don't have to worry about it sticking out if that's something that you worry about. 

For me, I wear it when I work out, I still get dizzy, I'm going to get hot, that's just the nature of the beast but the vest helps me stay cooler a little bit longer. I'm able to stay in the game a little bit. I can run a lot better. I was struggling there for a while. But now with it [ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest], I can run  a lot better. I did buy the extra cooling packs, I do stick them in the freezer at the gym and I will change them out during the workout myself. But I was able to get more out of my workouts, which was good for me. Because it was getting depressing there for a while when I couldn't do anything. 

As far as the yard work was concerned,  no one wants to spend two to three hours of their day trying to do yard work. So for me wearing the vest while doing my yard work, I'm back down to 1 hour, 1 hour 15 min. 

The Vest [ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest] has allowed me to get back part of my life I lost once I had the MS diagnosis. I find myself very fortunate. Other folks with MS have it a whole lot worse than I do. I'm very blessed. But this vest [ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest] has definitely allowed me to enjoy more of my life.



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