The World's Most Accessible Travel Destinations

The world is such a big place it can be hard to pick just one travel destination. However, some locations are more accessible than others and that can make a big difference in your travel experience. So we've compiled the world's most accessible cities just for you! 

Barcelona, Spain

 Aerial view of Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain. Aerial view of Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

The mecca of architecture lovers, Barcelona's range of gothic to modernist sights offers something to everyone! Plus, Barcelona is largely cobblestone-free and covered by public transit, making it one of Europe's most accessible cities!

Denver, USA

 View of downtown Denver, Colorado. View of downtown Denver, Colorado.

If you prefer a thrill ride to a history lesson, Denver is the place for you! While the city itself boasts a relaxed atmosphere, the mountains just beyond offer a plethora of fun physical activities and there are plenty of agencies that offer adaptive skiing, snowboarding, and more!


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

 "El cierre del ciclo de la cuenta larga" in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

If you prefer a more relaxed experience, Playa del Carmen is for you! While I've already talked about exploring the peninsula of Yucatan in this blog post, I want to bring special attention to Playa del Carmen. This beach is quieter and overall friendlier than it's neighbor Cancun. This beach is no stranger to tourists so special amenities and wheelchairs abound!


Melbourne, Australia

 Deborah Halpern Art Sculpture in Melbourne, Australia. Deborah Halpern Art Sculpture in Melbourne, Australia.

Are you looking for a trendy city that has it all? History, thrill rides, and modern sights are waiting for you in Melbourne! The city boasts a great public transit system that can get you where you need to be in record time!


Vienna, Austria

 Naturhistoriches Museum in Vienna, Austria. Naturhistoriches Museum in Vienna, Austria.

If you love the Old World, then Austria is a must-see. The city recently removed all of it's cobblestone paths and paved roads for a smoother experience around town. Most museums are popular sights are equipped to handle any sight-seer!



 Merlion fountain near Marina Bay, Singapore. Merlion fountain near Marina Bay, Singapore.

If you're looking for a modern city overflowing with new sights and sounds, Singapore is the place to go! Observation towers and botanical gardens are tourist favorites, and there's always a new top rated restaurant to check out.


This is a collection of cities that we compiled based on multiple articles.

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