Most of us think of October as the scariest month but we know for people living with heat sensitivity October can be one of the best times of year. Wouldn't it be funny to celebrate Halloween in July? Now that's scary!... at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

In the fall we enjoy a little fright with the haunted hayrides and haunted houses, but most people don't know what true fear is. When you have a real concern for your safety combined with experience and add a little uncertainty this equals true fear.

I would like to commend all of you out there that overcome this challenge and let you know we are honored that we can help. It's always great to hear stories of people not letting their fears stop them. For some people they put themselves in danger just to feel the accomplishment, think adrenaline sports like the X Games. What is your definition of FEAR and Accomplishment?

I'm not sure how this happened but it needs to be a part of the conversation, October is depression awareness month. Depression can be caused by isolation, inactivity, chronic pain and numerous other stresses.

This is a great chance to to get a twofer, so let's conquer the scariest person in our lives (ourselves). Yes, one my least favorite words is coming...exercise. By using your UnderCool you can exercise without being as tired and recover faster. Now for the twofer, exercise has been shown in studies to be as effective as medication with depression. It has also been shown to lessen or slow the progression of some chronic disorders like MS. With a healthier happy body the daily things get easier which equals more participation which equals happier. happier = healthier / healthier = happier so lets start an upward spiral and it all starts with what others don't understand, conquering real fear.