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We love sharing stories of the amazing things our customers do. Our customer Gene Caffrey was interviewed on the podcast, Amazing Americans with Jerry Schemmel. 

The week of 9/25/21 marks 74 weeks in a row that Gene has been biking 100 miles a week for MS awareness. That is amazing. Gene didn't let his MS stop him.

Listen to Gene's story of how he discovered he had MS. His battle with MS fatigue, the outreach and help he offers to other MS patients and his current adventure R.A.A.M. Race Across America. He also give ThermApparel a shoutout smiley

How has your ThermApparel Cooling Vest made a difference in your life? Get in touch with us and share your story. We would love to highlight it! 

Follow Gene and reach out to him for MS advice. 

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Facebook eugene caffrey
Twitter @genecaffrey

See Gene's testimonial about his ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest

Transcript of video:

"Okay, I just got in from an hour and a half ride here in North Carolina, Cary, North Carolina. It's 85 degrees real feels close to 90. I went out  wearing my ThermApparel undercool ice vest and real comfortable. I said about an hour and a half. It's still cooling me right now standing here I have multiple sclerosis and heat intolerance is a big deal. It's really hard to control your heat. Typically it's really hard to ride in this kind of temperature and I have to say that after an hour and a half it kept me cool the phole time. Not cold but I didn't feel over heated at all. So... good! So far so good, I'm going to keep testing it as it gets hotter out here. I'm curious to see how it handles in the 95 plus temperatures. I'll keep you all posted. "

Which ThermApparel UnderCool Vest does Gene wear? 
Adventure Bundle - 2 vests and 2 sets of cooling packs
1 Medium Black Vest
1 Medium White Vest
2 sets of the ExtendedCool Cooling Packs (2-3 hours of cooling)

The ExtendedCool Cooling Packs last 2-3 hours depending on your level of activity.
3+ hours if you're wearing it inside in an air-conditioned area 3 hours if you're are doing light housework
2.5 hours if you're are outside doing gardening or taking a brisk walk
2 hour if you're on a treadmill or exercising
1 hour if you're in extreme temps

For Gene they last about 1.5 hours during his intense bike rides. 


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