ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vests helped save a wounded kitten!! ThermApparel is making a difference in peoples lives all over the world and now the feline world too.

Tiffany wouldn't have been in the right place at the right time without David Bowie and her Undercool cooling vest, but she was, and she found her heart in a wounded kitten, only rightly named, Major Tom, in the woods.

If you want to hear their story, and how amazing her cooling vest is (...we don't need to explain Bowie's amazingness) watch the video!

** Tiffany and Major Tom are not affiliated with Thermapparel, nor are they sponsored by ThermApparel - She just really, really loves her vest and Major Tom is really really happy she has it. 🧡

Meet Tiffany Tallent

She loves being outdoors, walking, running, hiking, and this year, she signed up for her 1st 5k. Which is amazing as she was diagnosed with MS 9.5 years ago, after almost 5 years of testing–though she has had symptoms since childhood–heat intolerance being her 1st symptom at the ripe old age of 7 or 8!

She is an actor, most notably voice acting for Star Trek: the Continuing Mission, an illustrator, she and her mom just published a book together.  "Because You Are Mine", and a would-be writer, she is currently working on submitting her 1st novel.  

Listen to her tell her story about finding Major Tom, a wounded kitten. Without her cooling vest she wouldn't of been able to go for her run to train for the 5k and there to save a kitten that had just been struck by a car.