Tips for Filing an Appeal Letter for A Cooling Vest

The National MS Society publishes a Health Insurance Appeal Letter Toolkit for Clinicians, It's ok if you are not a clinician, you can still use the template for the Cooling Vest Appeal Letter. You have to scroll down quite a bit to get to the Cooling Vest Model Appeal Letter and Abstracts of Studies Cited in Letters

The 2 studies that are mentioned in the model appeal letter:

Clinical and Immunological Effects of Cooling in Multiple Sclerosis
P.K. Coyle, L.B. Krupp, C. Doscher

A randomized controlled study of the acute and chronic effects of cooling therapy for MS.
SR Schwid, MD Petrie, R Murry

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  • 1. Create your own Cooling Vest Appeal Letter based on the template from the Health Insurance Appeal Letter Toolkit for Clinicians,.

  • 2. Submit the Cooling Vest Appeal Letter and the 2 studies via email, snail mail, carrier pigeon etc or our recommendation, the approved method from your insurance company.

  • 3. Wait to hear back from the insurance company but be persistent and nice and follow up consistently .


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