Sometimes when putting on your ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest the velcro doesn't line up right causing it to rub on your skin.  Watch Julia explain how to get your velcro perfect each time with this quick tip. 


Transcript of video:

"Here's a quick tip of how to get your velcro perfect each time. There's two sides, there's the fuzzy side, and then there's the hook side. So with your left hand, grab the bottom of the fuzzy side and put it right there in the middle of your stomach. With your right hand, grab the velcro of the hook side, but grab it so that your thumb is pushing it out here on the top, like this. Then, put the top part of the hook onto the fuzzy side. Now here's the trick: let go of the fuzzy side and with your left hand, grab the bottom of the hook and just pull it straight down. You'll get a perfect fit every time."


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