ThermApparel exists to get people up and out for a healthier life. We want everyone to have the ability to enjoy friends, families, and fun outdoors. Doctors always tell us how beneficial exercise is and how an active lifestyle pays dividends; it is like compound interest to your health account. I have to acknowledge another result of ThermApparel is the mental health benefits that come from exercise, friends, and the feeling of participating in life. At ThermApparel, we see this in the incredible and inspiring “Now I Can” stories that we are so grateful to receive.


But this week I learned a new way your UnderCool pays benefits. For people living with MS, In a recent study from Harvard and by lead researcher Helen Tremlett, Ph.D., a professor in neuroepidemiology and multiple sclerosis at the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, says UVB rays (SUNLIGHT) may lower your risk of MS by 45%. The researchers believe it is more than just extra vitamin D; it is the whole ray, not only skin exposure. So put on your UnderCool and get out in the sun and fun.