What is Phase Change Material (PCM)?

PCMs are substances that absorb and release thermal energy during the process of melting and freezing. What does that mean?

Simply, they act as a heat sink to absorb your body heat slowly over time to keep you cool and comfortable, even in humid environments.

ThermApparel uses a non-toxic bio-based PCM that out-preforms paraffin, salt hydrates, gel and ice in a number of areas.

Long term stability, safe handling, sourced from recyclable materials, won't get you wet or burn your skin. Our lightweight and flexible PCM cooling packs are reusable and can be recharged again and again and again.


ThermApparel is a small business making big waves in the heat sensitivity world by designing the first lightweight, comfortable and invisible cooling vest, UnderCool. Check us out online, on our blog, or on FacebookTwitter, PinterestLinkedIn and Instagram.

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