Q. What's the Difference Between SlimCool and ExtendedCool Cooling Packs? 

The difference between the SlimCool and ExtendedCool Packs is the amount of cooling material in each. The ExtendedCool Packs weigh a little more so they last 1 hour longer. 

Video Transcript: 

"What is the difference between ExtendedCool and SlimCool? It's just the amount of cooling fluid that's in the packs, so there's more fluid in the ExtendedCool than there is in the SlimCool. ExtendedCool has more cooling fluid in it so it's a little bit thicker, not by much though. And SlimCool is a little bit slimmer. It's still the same cooling power in both kinds of cooling packs it's just SmimCool lasts 1-2 hours whereas ExtendedCool will last 2-3."

• SlimCool lasts 1-2 hours and weighs 1.3 lbs. It's perfect for quick workouts, performance drivers, or the extra slim look under a tight-fitting shirt. 

• ExtendedCool lasts 2-3 hours and weighs 1.9 lbs. Perfect for a session on the treadmill, mowing the lawn, golfing, or hanging on the beach. The best part, it's still invisible under your shirt. 

Q. How do they look under my clothing?

Both SlimCool and ExtendedCool are invisible. Watch the video to see the difference. 

Video Transcript: 

"What is SlimCool versus ExtendedeCool look like under clothing? In the black vest, we have SlimCool... We have ExtendedCool in the white vest... "

Video Transcript: 

"Hi everybody, this is Julia from ThermApparel. In today's video, I'm going to be talking about our new ExtendedCool cooling packs. They give you two to three hours of cooling instead of the one to two with the SlimCool cooling packs. And they are so cool. They feel really good, the new plastic is easier to insert into the vest and they last longer. And the best part is, you still can't tell that you have the vest on. I'm wearing my Undercool right now. And I have on the ExtendedCool packs and you still can't see it. It's still invisible. Pretty cool. And here's what the SlimCool looks like. I am wearing a vest and it has the SlimCool packs in it right now. So our original packs the one to two hours. Nice and hidden. Can't tell that you have it on."

Q. How much do they weigh?

A Vest with 1 set of SlimCool Cooling Packs weighs 1.3 lbs
A Vest with 1 set of ExtendedCool Cooling Packs weighs 1.9 lbs

Q. How long do SlimCool Cooling Packs last?

SlimCool Cooling Packs last 1-2 hours depending on your activity level.
2+ hours if you're wearing it inside in an air-conditioned area
2 hours, if you're, are doing light housework
1.5 hours, if you're, are outside doing gardening or taking a brisk walk
1 hour if you're on a treadmill or exercising
under 1 hour if you're in extreme temps

Q. How long do ExtendedCool Cooling Packs last?

ExtendedCool Cooling Packs last 2-3 hours depending on your activity level.
3+ hours if you're wearing it inside in an air-conditioned area 3 hours if you're are doing light housework
2.5 hours, if you're, are outside doing gardening or taking a brisk walk
2 hours if you're on a treadmill or exercising
1 hour if you're in extreme temps

Q. How many cooling packs come with a Vest?

XXS comes with 3 cooling packs
Small, Medium, and Large come with 4 cooling packs
XXL comes with 6 cooling packs

Q. What's the difference between the UnderCool, Festival, and Adventure Bundles?

UnderCool Bundle
1 vest
1 set of cooling packs (your choice of SlimCool or ExtendedCool)

Festival Bundle
1 vest
2 sets of cooling packs (your choice)

Adventure Bundle
2 vests
2 sets of cooling packs (your choice)

Festival and Adventure Bundle cooling pack choices 
2 SlimCool Sets 
2 ExtendedCool Sets
1 SlimCool Set and 1 ExtendedCool Set

Q. What is in the cooling packs and what temp do they melt at?

Our cooling packs are filled with non-toxic, plant-based PCM - Phase Change Material, and our cooling packs start to melt and refreeze at 70˚F / 21˚C. 

Q. Why is the melting and freezing temp of 70˚F / 21˚C super cool? 

Because you can refreeze our cooling packs in ice water, fridge, or freezer. If you are out at an event and your packs deplete, pop them into the drink cooler with ice water, and in 30 min you are ready for 1-3 more hours of oh-so-sweet-cooling.

Q. What's the best way to refreeze ThermApparel's Cooling Packs?

30 min Ice Water
60 min Fridge
45 min Freezer.

Watch this video for tips on refreezing the whole vest and cooling packs. 

Video Transcript:

"Hey everybody! this is Julia from ThermApparel. In this video, we're going to talk about how to cool your cooling packs because there's three different ways to do it. The first way is you can actually just freeze the whole vest. Really important is just making sure that you close the velcro so it doesn't get all snagged and painful. The best way to fold it is just fold it like an accordion like it came to you in the box. So fold it on top of each other, and then fold it in half. Lay it flat, fold the outer two on top to each other, just fold it in half. Now you can take it just like this and you can put it in the frigde or freezer if you want. I like to put mine into a ziploc bag or grocery sack just to keep it from smelling like a freezer, or from getting frost burn or anything like that. So ziploc. Make sure that it is folded like accordion and nice and straight. And then put it straight in the fridge or the freezer. That's the other cool thing about our packs. You don't have to use just the freezer, you can put these into the fridge and they will freeze up too. Now you can do the same thing you can take your vest, fold it up, put it into a bag and put it into the fridge. Or you can just take your packs, and just lay them in the fridge. In about an hour, they'll be cold and ready to go. In the freezer about 45 minutes, and it'll be ready to go. But the neatest thing about our packs is that you can freeze them, re-freeze them in ice water. I'm not kidding, just regular ice water. It takes about 20 minutes. Now this is the fastest way to do it. Obviously not this method with a cup/glass, but ice water is the fastest way to get them frozen. And I'm gonna leave this in here for about 20 minutes and then we'll come back and I'll show you it.
All right, it's been about 20 minutes, 18 and a half 19 minutes somewhere in there. Sucker sitting right in the sun too. There you go. Solid, ready to put in your vest. That ice water was even starting to cool the middle pocket even though it wasn't in the ice water. And this one this is normal. This is just half frozen. So when they first come out of the freezer or the really, really cold they'll look like this and then they slowly do this and then they go to liquid and when they're liquid, it's time to refreeze them. So thanks for watching. Catch us on the next one. Stay cool. We'll see you soon."

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