People always ask how we come up with ideas for our products. Usually, we can’t say precisely how it happens; it just happens after trying and trying again, but the CoolSleeve is a different story altogether. 

Our long-time customers will remember when we first started making the Grab N Go packs. The idea was a very small cooling pack that a person could put anywhere for some fast relief. They seemed to like those packs but also asked about things to hold the packs in certain places.

So we got to work exploring different placements on the body looking to answer one question. What places on the body would be the most effective and unobtrusive? For a few days, we all walked around the office looking like we just came from battle with random cooling packs taped to various parts of our bodies. It was pretty funny.

Then came the science, we know that placing cooling packs closer to blood vessels results in more transfer of heat and thus greater cooling of your body. Two great places with arteries close to the skin are the inner forearm and groin area. The large arteries on your inner forearm are a great place for this heat transfer and don’t produce the chaffing that an inner leg cooling product would. So we settled on a forearm sleeve.

Right away we noticed that, for most people, this would not be a great spot for a Grab N Go pack.  The proportions were all wrong. The Grab N Go Packs were too square and didn’t fit the forearm well. We played with the size, shape, and even the freezing temperature of the PCM to ensure optimal comfort, cooling power, and cooling time of the new sleeves.  

This led us to the CoolSleeve you see today. The packs are sized to comfortably fit the forearms and not inhibit the bend of your elbow. They are lighter than a cell phone so you won’t even know they are on your arm, yet are crammed with enough PCM to provide about 45 minutes of cooling.

And they freeze at a slightly lower temperature than our normal cooling packs, 66 degrees Fahrenheit. These are still safe for direct contact with skin but we felt this added cold helps to get more cooling to the body when the packs are so small.

3 great uses for CoolSleeves

1. Hot Flashes- CoolSleeves provide ample cooling right on the main arteries and veins in your arms. They will last long enough to get you through the flash and are easy to put on when you feel a hot flash coming on.

2. Sports- CoolSleeves are extremely lightweight (weighing about as much as a smartwatch), fit your arm like a glove, and won’t mess up your movement, especially in pickleball. Many sports have built-in breaks; sets in tennis, and innings in baseball, giving you time to quickly and easily change out melted cooling packs for fresh ones when cooling time is up.

3. Mowing the Lawn- While the CoolSleeves won't last as long as our full-size cooling apparel, they provide ample cooling for quicker tasks, like mowing the lawn. Plus it's as easy to put on as the grass-stained shoes you wear for mowing, so it won’t require any added effort.

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